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Monday, June 13, 2005

Dance of the Left: The GITMO Stomp

The Left in America troll constantly for relevance but seldom net any, any longer. All of their clap-trap about the horrors of the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay has been dipped from the same cesspool that refreshed the Left with Abu Ghraib. Lefties are incorrigibly gloomy anti-Americans, as this particular New York Times writer illustrates so well.

America, a Symbol of . . . - New York Times, By BOB HERBERT, May 30, 2005, and subtitled "This Memorial Day is not a good one for the country that was once the world's most brilliant beacon of freedom and justice." (Bob Herbert's article is not worth reprinting or quoting, so we just offer the link to anyone who wants a snapshot of the "mind" of a liberal.)

Notice the article's subtitle. Also, note that the author sits atop a successful career as a columnist for the New York Times, making big money, and living very well. He is awallow in the fruits of freedom and capitalism, coming from the real rights he eschews. He is soooo liberal. This writer is also the same one who bemoaned the supposed failure of the USA to implement the great socialist "rights" proposed by FDR in his final term inaugural speech. Even there, he failed to grasp that we have, to our everlasting detriment. Liberals are never satisfied and certainly never grateful.

The Left, of which Bob Herbert is an obvious member in good standing, do anything any of them can to demean, to degrade, to insult, to disrespect, and even to destroy America and its core values. We can expect no less. Nothing America does or anything American is good to any degree at all. Yet, this guy and his ilk remain in America. They do not take off to Europe or to all of those wonderful places they put on pedestals, such as Africa and the Middle East. To these liberals, biting the hand that feeds you not only is de rigeur, but it is chic and sophisticated as well.

The Left turned Abu Ghraib from a minor problem which the Army well took care of into an international melodrama. Now it is GITMO. Leave it to the Left to come out full force for the real bad guys and relabel us as the bad guys in the process. As Hank Hill on the cartoon television program King of the Hill says, "They ain't right."

The assault on the detention camp in US Cuba will drone on until the Left can find a suitable substitute. We must not lose our resistance to them and their ceaseless boredom. And, above all, we must never replace our own positive sense of life for their malevolent sense of life. As for GITMO, I think Mancow on Fox and Friends this morning said it about right. He reminded us that we are at war, and we should do to these detainees whatever it takes to squeeze every bit of intel out of them. To that I add, we should detain them however long it is in the interest of the USA so to do, and we should deprive them of Korans, prayer rugs, arrows pointing to Mecca, halal food. Why? These are American-killers, killers of Americans, who go right back to killing us when released. Nothing too bad can happen to them.

I wish I could recall who said words to this effect, too bad we will have to save them along with the rest of the people. Liberals or GITMO detainees? Take your pick.


  • At Mon Jun 13, 08:57:00 PM PDT, Blogger felix said…

    I also cannot understand why the USA has become apologetic about the Gitmo facility. Why we are giving the prisoners Korans is beyond me.


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