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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


We are for America and against Islam. Political correctness barely permits us to be against Jihad, which is simply "actionable Islam." We are not at war with terrorism. We are perhaps at war with Jihad, since the acts of terrorism are the acts of Jihad. However, even Jihad is not basic enough; Jihadis are merely foot soldiers on the front line of the war. The root cause of terrorism is Islam. It is Islam which mandates Jihad, which then commits acts of terrorism.

The source of Islam is that part of the world some call the Middle East. We prefer to call it "Islamia." The core of Islamia covers the sand kingdoms of North Africa and the Near East. The next layer of Islamia covers subsaharan Africa, over to the southern Philippines, the right and left flanks of India with Bangladesh and Pakistan, and up to the Steppes lying at the belly of Russia. Islam crosses and suppresses all nations. It unites all of this geography as a single unit, and draws philosophically disturbed people from both its core and its outer layers to commit Jihad.

Were members of Islamia to leave us in the West alone, we would hardly even notice them. Islamia produces very little, and is of no interest to the capitalist world, since it seeks to hold onto its status as of 900 A.D. Islam inflicts tragedy on Muslims by its mind and life destroying philosophy, but it is completely unattractive the free peoples of self-esteem in the capitalist world. Yet, it is inflicting pain, suffering, and death on the capitalist world. The only reason for this comes from the fact that Jihad gets funding from petro-dollars. Islam succeeds only through the crudest initiation of force to convert, kill, enslave, or reduce people to a near slave status as religious dhimmis. Saudi Arabia and Iran are THE main perpetrators and funders of Jihad. Islamists know how hard it is to war directly on America, so they have begun massive efforts to subvert us, and these countries direct much money to these efforts.

Islamia believes that money (the effect) supercedes ideas (the cause). It is trying to kill us with the money that we made possible through our own engineering ideas and technology. Islamia has become grandiose. Muslims really believe they can take over the world. Their religion of Islam demands that they do so, and now the oil money has led them to enough success to make True Believers of them, for the first time since their westward expansion failed at Vienna on 9/11/1683.

Through a variety of mechanisms, Islamists have begun the covert war on the West through its Fifth Column work. Europe, which has been philosophically bankrupt for at least a century, has an extreme problem. Their problem is so big that they might become Muslim dominated in this century. Canada has followed the European lead. Its behavior has become sickening.

We--America--are IT! We must stop Jihad here, and we may well have to do it alone.

Among a host of simultaneous actions needed, we must detect and root out the Fifth Column of Islam in America. We have witting and unwitting Fifth Columnists at work within America. The witting ones are the Muslims themselves and their organizations.

Islam imposes moral commandments on Muslims never to take up arms or to oppose other Muslims. All Muslim efforts must be directed to the downfall of kaffirs, or "unbelievers." Islam promotes a host of techniques of deception for Muslims to use to fool us kaffirs into believing them, which is a real problem for the standard generosity-oriented, good-hearted American who wants to lend a helping hand. The foregoing leads to the chilling discovery that even the most congenial Muslims may be "sleepers" at worst and sympathizers with Jihadists at best. One rarely hears of the Muslim community standing up for America. I must take their silence as assent until some other evidence comes forth. These people constitute a massive Fifth Column which, like most of an iceberg, exists beneath the surface.

I have no choice but to consider all Muslims as witting Fifth Columnists.

Groups like the Council for Arab-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim Students Association (MSA), and Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) are overt Fifth Columnists whose cover is blown even in our "politically correct" media. There are many other of these Muslim groups which exist to subvert America at every turn with recruitment, indoctrination, and intimidation.

With some caution, I mention some whose actions make them unwitting Fifth Columnists. I am not sure just how unwitting some of these are. We have a whole anti-American axis of Americans, from our universities, our journalistic media, and vast numbers of persons in executive and legislative power in America. I must include liberals, leftists, and liberal-socialists, although I am not always clear what, if anything, separates these anti-Americans from each other.

Sadly, many American conservatives also serve as unwitting Fifth Columnists. The best representative is President Bush. Conservatives base their view of the world and their ethics from the point of view of their God. They hold religion per se in such esteem that they can consider no criticism of any religion. All are good, in their estimate, because they are religions. That makes them utterly blind to the central moral duty of Islam and its Jihad. Many conservatives hide behind the idea that there are "evil-doers" who "hijack" a great and wonderful religion, and they will not even consider the truth. Thus they say that we are fighting a war on terror.

We are in a war. We cannot fight it and win as long as we refuse to understand the enemy and fight until the enemy is totally defeated. We are at war with Islam. Yes, we are also at war with Jihad and terrorism, but saying these is like saying we were at war with the arms and legs of the Nazis. We were at war with Nazism! Likewise, we are at war with Islam.

Take these words of the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran to heart, and know that these thoughts, and many as bad if not worse, drive not only Iran, but all of Islamia:

There are two kinds of war in Islam: One is called Jihad, which means the conquest of countries...The other is war to preserve the independence of the [Muslim] country and the repulsion of foreigners...Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war...Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Islam says: Kill them [non-Muslims], put them to the sword...Islam says: Kill in the service of Allah...Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for Holy Warriors!

Sixth Column dedicates itself to exposing Islam and Jihad for what they are and to exposing the Fifth Columns undercutting America.


  • At Sat Aug 06, 06:10:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You have exposed the PLAIN TRUTH about the enemy the entire civilised world faces today. We will lose this war unless people know the truth and resist it!


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