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Saturday, October 01, 2005

From Big Business to Environmentalists, the Cry Is: 'We're Running Out of Oil.' Oh, Really!

All of us have learned that conventional oil sources were formed during geologic times when pressure was applied to the decaying bodies of plant and animal remains and in recent years the supply of this oil is dwindling.

Is this the only source of the world's oil? According to Mike Thompson,perhaps not.

In 1901 big oil began in East Texas, in Beaumont, where Hurricane Rita stormed ashore, with a 23-year-old brick maker, Patillo Higgins, bad boy turned Christian who, in search of fuel for his break-making business, took hunch on a local salt dome and found a 100,000 barrel-a-day gusher. Life in America or in much of the world has never been the same.

Almost instantly, the world leaped from its harsh, backward, countless millennia of using animal horsepower, torches, candles, log fires and whale-oil lamps. Virtually every nation witnessed firsthand the radical transformation of every human life on Earth. Spindletop’s outflow of petroleum sparked incalculable changes, including internal-combustion engines, cars, planes, electric-power generation, more lethal wars, corporate industrial power, plastics, new clothing materials, insecticides, bountiful farms, instant communication, and even cheap globetrotting for Everyman. We also, some critics say, gained the relatively quick ability to foul fatally our planetary nest for all humanity, for all time.

Oil has created vast fortunes and has been used politically to manipulate and control billions. Oil has given individuals freedom over their lives or has been used as a mechanism so that individuals and nations are controlled by a powerful class of élites who govern and mold public and social opinion and morals.

The two groups are joining forces to gang up on us the consumers:

If the gas tank is nearly empty, then Big Oil can raise the price and profits of fuel into the financial and economic stratosphere.

If the gas tank is nearly empty, then Environmental Supremacy can dictate how the whole world must live in its rapidly approaching Spartan future.

From Texas to Saudi Arabia, big oil has been singing the same song. Why? To control the prices and the lives of everyday folk.

The record of failing (or refusing) to assess accurately the potential supply of oil creates all sorts of global instability in economics, politics, and the lives of everyday folk. That instability, in turn, is what causes people to turn to the "experts" for more guidance and governance. By mentioning only proven reserves, the conjoined evil twins of Big Oil and Environmental Supremacy engage in a seemingly omniscient, but purely deceitful, fallacy--also known as "spin."

Together, they and their sycophantic parrots in the opinion-molding business ignore the existence of virtual oceans of unconventional oil that can run the world as we know it perhaps for many additional centuries at affordable prices, even with commonsense environmental practices in force.

They haven't told us the following:

There are three types of unconventional oil and very likely a fourth:
1. Heavy Oil: pumped and refined exactly like the more desirable "light, sweet" oil, but with extra sulfur and metal contaminants that must be removed, which adds slightly to its cost. The massive, serpentine oil field that stretches from Trinidad in the southeast corner of the Caribbean Sea, west to Venezuela on the northern coast of South America, then south along the east side of the Andes Mountains and probably southeast again, into Argentina and the South Atlantic trench off the Falkland Islands, is believed to contain at least 1.2 trillion barrels of "heavy." Refined into gasoline, it would add less than 50 cents to a driver’s cost per gallon of gas.

2. Tar Sands: especially abundant in Canada’s Alberta province. Such geologic areas hold an estimated 1.8 trillion barrels of oil and for years quietly have served as a major source for gasoline used mostly in the American Midwest. Since Canada has been able to cut production costs in half, tar-sands oil no longer can be considered a fringe petroleum solution to global energy needs.

3. Oil Shale: essentially oil-soaked rocks that are costly to process and require huge amounts of water. Nevertheless, shale holds more oil than all conventional sources combined, and it exists not only in the U.S. but in energy-hungry emerging giants India and Brazil, plus Malagasy and many other smaller countries.

4. Perpetual Petroleum: a vital gift from God or Mother Nature, depending upon your gender-influenced spiritual outlook--virtually inexhaustible, self-renewing oil that oozes up constantly from inside the earth! Nothing less than a miracle, this amazing method of eternal, internal production is the essential finding by the late Dr. Thomas Gold, described in the Washington Post’s 2004 obituary for him as "one of the great celestial thinkers of the last century." I interviewed Dr. Gold for a full hour in the late 1980s on my weekly South Florida radio program, and he explained to my huge audience in great, riveting detail his thesis, which also was reported that same year extensively in The Atlantic Monthly, one of America’s most distinguished periodicals ever since its founding, in 1857.

According to Thompson, in the laboratory, Dr. Thomas Gold found that hydrocarbon methane does form when iron oxide, calcite, and water are subjected to mighty pressure and heat, the kind that exists 100 miles beneath the Earth's crust.
Other scientists are replicating Dr. Gold's experiments. It's more than a shock to understand how we as citizens and consumers are being manipulated. It's a shock to understand how billions are denied the use of this resource as they live in abject misery, controlled by vicious and inhumane dictators and mind-controlling mullahs. It is ironic that millions of Muslims live on top of the largest known source of geologic oil, yet most live without a steady of electricity, running water, or political stability in order to perpetuate the Jihad against the West.

Will Professor Gold's findings free us from enthrallment to either Middle Eastern oil billionaires influenced by mullah-minders? Will Professor Gold's findings be translated into an affordable source of energy for the regular folks here in the United States and in energy-and-cash starved Africa and Asia?

Who is the culprit here for the scarcity of refined petroleum products? The cat is out of the bag. High energy prices can no longer be based on scarcity of oil but on the price of refining. Could it be that big oil has decided not to build additional refineries in order to maintain high profits? They can no longer point to the scarcity of oil or even for the reliance on Middle Eastern oil as an excuse for maintaining high profits.

Professor Gold and other scientists have demonstrated that inexpensive energy is possible. It's now up to the petroleum refiners to do their part.


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