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Friday, November 04, 2005

Is Paris Burning?


As I write this, France has endured nine days of rioting by Muslims in and around Paris, yet the French government and members of the American media are falling all over themselves not to point the finger at Islam.

These two lists—“Nine Danger Signs of Militant Islam,” and “Islam Knows How to Destroy Dar al Harb,” name activities we see and hear about every day, all over the world.

France has ignored warnings from the time of her earliest contacts with Islam that it spelled trouble. Explaining the dangerous nature of Islam to his countrymen was the purpose of Andre Servier in 1924, when he published his book “Islam and the Psychology of the Musulman” (a “must read,” available through used book searches; see the book review on France continues to ignore the danger even as Paris burns. France refuses to acknowledge that it is Islam, with its goal of the establishment of a world-wide caliphate, that is responsible for night after night of violence.

Two books, one by author Glen Reinsford (“Age of Tolerance,” set in the U.S. after a Gore victory in the 2000 presidential election), and a book still in progress by an Eastern European author and set in France well after the takeover by Islam, become prophetic with every night of continued violence in France. Both books, like Servier's, serve as warnings.

The lists also serve as warnings, alerting us to the steps Islam is taking right now to take over the U.S. We can look over the lists and see just where we are in the Muslim time-table.

The two lists dovetail so well that I felt compelled to present them together. The first—“The Nine Danger Signs of Militant Islam,” deals primarily with “Phase One” of the game plan for the establishment of the world-wide caliphate; this is where the troops are set in place and the "softening up" process begins. The second list deals more with “Phase Two,” how the takeover is actually effected. Together, we get a good picture of the game plan Islam uses to first insert itself, and then take control.

Just in case anyone who reads this thinks that the notion of a world-wide caliphate is an exaggeration or some sort of conspiracy theory on the part of critics of Islam, you can see the actual plan from the horse’s mouth. “Khilifa: The First 24 Hours,” the actual blueprint of the plan, was written by Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad of London bombings fame, and published by Al-Muhajiroun publications. It is available on line at: . The full title is “The First 24 Hours after the Establishment of the Islamic State: How can we transform the present ruling systems and government departments into an Islamic system and Islamic departments?”

Here are the two lists:

A) “Nine Danger Signs of Militant Islam”

1. Justification of any Islamic Terrorism, Palestinian or otherwise

2. Supporting or refusing to condemn Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Hamas, or other terrorists or terrorist organizations by name

3. Promoting jihad for Muslims to fight against what they determine is "injustice" or "aggression"

4. Demands for Sharia law in the West, or denying that Sharia forbids equal rights for women and members of religions other than Islam

5. Demanding that Americans accommodate the public expression of Islamic laws, customs, and practices that conflict with, or are harmful to American laws, customs, and practices

6. Denying that Muslims were involved in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and other attacks around the world

7. Refusal to cooperate with or inciting others not to cooperate with authorities or standard security procedures

8. Branding progressive Muslims or Muslims of different opinions as apostates.

9. Refusal to interact, converse, or socialize with non-Muslims.

Peace-loving Muslims everywhere agree on the need to be alert for any incitements to hate, violence, religious intolerance, or outright lying. We need your help to keep Islam a religion of peace.

One hopes that the laudable words of the above UAC material is interpreted without the nuances of "Differing Definitions." According to Islamic leader Sayyid Qutb,

"When Islam strives for peace, its objective is not that superficial peace which requires that only that part of the earth where the followers of Islam are residing remain secure."

And the last section of the Koran to be revealed contains Sura 9:5, which, back in the fourteenth century, was interpreted as follows:

"Mainstream and respected Qur'an commentator, Isma'il bin Amr bin Kathir al Dimashqi (1301-1372), known popularly as Ibn Kathir, declares that sura 9:5 'abrogated every agreement of peace between the Prophet and any idolater, every treaty, and every term....No idolater had an more treaty of promise of safety ever since Surah Bara'ah was revealed.'"

Furthermore, a search of the web sites of CAIR and MAS, two of the most prominent Muslim groups in the United States, indicates no support or endorsement of either the Senate hearings or the efforts of the UAC. But both CAIR and MAS are staunch advocates of Sign 5:

"Demanding that Americans accommodate the public expression of Islamic laws, customs, and practices that conflict with, or are harmful to American laws, customs, and practices."

So, do we see a Sign 10 to add to "Nine Danger Signs of Militant Islam"? In spite of more than four years having passed since 9/11, our elected representatives refuse to take decisive steps in investigating Saudi Arabia's support of terrorism.arch of the web sites of CAIR and MAS, two of the most prominent Muslim groups in the United States, indicates no support or endorsement of either the Senate hearings or the efforts of the UAC. But both CAIR and MAS are staunch advocates of Sign 5:

"Demanding that Americans accommodate the public expression of Islamic laws, customs, and practices that conflict with, or are harmful to American laws, customs, and practices."

B) “Islam Knows How to Destroy Dar al-Harb"

1. - Immigrate - by the millions.

2. - Procreation – This is Islam’s greatest weapon against the kafirs (non-Muslims). Currently most Western nations think so little of their respective civilizations that they are failing to reproduce themselves above subsistence levels. As their birthrates continue to decline, breed them out. They will become so dependant on Muslim labor and so old demographically they will not be able to resist what will follow.

3. - At 5 - 10% of the population, force the host governments to set up special laws favoring the Muslims. Use the courts to gain special rights under the guise of "anti-discrimination", as other groups have successfully done in Western countries before.

4. - At 20 -30% of the population, elect Muslims to government and legislate additional laws that favor Muslims.

5. - Never Assimilate

6. - Always setup small Muslim communities to hide in. Even better, concentrate in small cities and take complete control of their governments, example, Dearborn, Michigan

7. - Never accept the host’s customs; make them accept Muslim customs.

8. – Use their liberal traditions against them whenever possible. Currently being labeled a “racist” is a fate that is worse than death in most Western countries. When they oppress Muslims and seek to stem their tide, use their fear of that word against them. They will never be able to convincingly assert that discrimination against one group is bad (e.g gays) while maintaining that discrimination against Muslims is good without appearing to be hypocritical and intellectually corrupt, thus they will lose the propaganda war. Recruit liberal academics and media outlets to assist in this campaign.

9. - Assassination - when the Muslim population exceeds 30 - 50% of the total population, start the terror killings & bombings as soon as possible. It will effectively weaken the host nation to the extent that it will no longer be able to function.

10. - If anyone is going to testify against a Muslim in court, kill him before the trial.

11. - At 50 -70% of the population, seek the total submission of the host society to Islamic Law by all means necessary (legal, military, terror, social coercion, etc)

12. - If step eleven fails initially, seek extensive international help from other Islamic states and the UN in order to create a separate Muslim Republic within the host country’s borders, using racial and religious discrimination against the Muslim population as a pretext. At a later date, when it is advantageous to do so, repeat step eleven until successful.

Suggested Solutions:

We have a single step that we can take that will turn the process of Islamification around and save civilization, and that is to actively teach our children the truth what Islam is all about and what is really going on. In order to do that, they must learn the facts about Islam itself, the basics of philosophy which explain why it is that Islam is the bad guy (not just a few Muslims, but Islam itself), and economics, which integrates all the above at a “real-life” level.

Obstacles to the above-suggested solution:

First, as mentioned in “Step Two” in the “Islam Knows…” list above, we are being out-bred. While this is a problem, merely increasing our own birthrate will not contribute to a solution. It isn't more bodies we need; we need more knowledge about the enemy. Unless we teach our children, our next generation, what the conflict is all about, we make easy pickings for Islam, and increasing our own breeding rate in the absence of this knowledge doesn’t put us in a better position to win, it merely provides Islam with more intellectually disarmed dhimmi cash-cows.

Second, our government clings to the lie that the murder and mayhem conducted in the name of Islam is because a "tiny minority of extremists has perverted a great religion of peace and hijacked it.”

Third, our government school system was infested virtually since its inception in the mid-1800s with utopian socialists (who later evolved, along with other collectivist groups, to become known as “Postmodernists”). These Postmodernists were then, and remain today, the guys whose basic principles are in agreement with those of Islam.

Fourth, generations of school children, including many of today’s politicians, journalists, lawyers and educators at all levels, have been raised under the influence of a Postmodernist-infested educational system. When this influence became dominant in the mid-1900s, the schools became Islam’s direct route into the minds of our children. It was under the Postmodern ideal of Political Correctness that the doors of our schools were opened to da’wa, the deceptive means by which Islam further softens us up for an Islamic takeover.

Fifth, nearly 50% of the population (in the U.S.) is unaware of the fact that Islam is a danger to us, and among this 50% there is a very large number that, thanks to the Postmodernist schools, is actively hostile to their own country. Yesterday (11/3/05), there was a nation-wide demonstration by school children, ostensibly to promote more government spending on education, but in reality, judging from the signs they carried and the interviews they gave, it was just another anti-American demonstration by young products of our educational system. Oh, and don’t forget the “party” aspect—it’s cool and fun to miss class to do something like that! Their numbers were few, but they represented a very large number of other children, their teachers, and their parents.

Some solutions to the above obstacles:

1) Establish a non-government controlled/influenced system whereby the 50% of those parents who think that the Postmodernist view is problematic could teach their children why this is so, including the fact that Islam is a bad thing.

There are several routes to achieve such a system:

a) Already in progress—home schools, the ultimate in customized private education.

b) The establishment of private schools founded especially to include in their curricula the truth about Islam in addition to whatever else they wish to teach.

c) The establishment of after-school or weekend classes to augment the curricula of schools which do not provide the truth about Islam.

d) Invite established private schools, including home schools, to include materials that teach the truth about Islam.

e) Establish an on-line resource especially designed to fill the needs of parents, parent-teachers, and teachers who wish to teach our children the truth about Islam, with plans to expand the resources in time.

These are just a few start-up examples; doubtless, there are many other paths that can be followed. Ultimately, this conflict will be won through education. Education of one sort—the Postmodernist sort--is what got us (and France and the rest of Europe) into the trouble we face today, and education of another sort (the kind we had until the mid-1800s, which was based on the Enlightenment values upon which our country was founded) is what will be required to get us back out of that hole.

The “Islam Problem” is just a bit of a “hole” we've dug for ourselves right now; we must act quickly to see that it doesn’t become a “black hole” from which we cannot escape.


  • At Fri Nov 04, 07:53:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great Article! We need to elimnate biased Anti-War and Disarmenment curiculum in our schools.We are at WAR and we need to win over the Islam ideology.

  • At Fri Nov 04, 08:34:00 PM PST, Anonymous Felis said…

    Yes, it is a great article.
    And thanks for the reading tip.

  • At Sun Nov 06, 06:32:00 AM PST, Blogger Cubed © said…


    You bet! The people of France have been subjected to precisely the same sorts of educational policies that we are now enduring, and it has resulted in Muslim attacks in and around Paris, and in cities to the south and east as well.

    The response of the French to these attacks has been to call for dialogue, the arrest of over 200 rioters, and a silent march of protest.

    No wonder they lost WWII, and no wonder they risk losing their entire culture now.

    We so desparately need to prevent the continued inculcation in our children that somehow, we are evil and we deserve whatever the Muslims throw at us, and that we have no business defending our culture and country.

    We've GOT to get REAL!

    You might want to see an interesting article by Ari Kaufman ( where the author talks about his personal experience with Postmodernist teaching--nothing you haven't heard about before, except perhaps that he understands that it isn't just at the university level, it's K-12.

  • At Sun Nov 06, 06:40:00 AM PST, Blogger Cubed © said…


    So glad you enjoyed it and found the reading tip useful. Have you seen http://thetruthproject.blogspot.comyet? There's a whole list of books with reviews there, to help people decide whether they might want to get them.

    A couple of my personal favorites in the pre-9/11 category are Servier's and Menense's books. The authors knew their stuff and weren't handcuffed with PC.

    I'm so concerned with the lack of effort to teach our kids the truth that I am giving some thought about trying to develop an online course for kids and their parents; the famous Sylvan tutorial centers have established online courses, and today's computer-savvy kids can definitely handle it. If it can get up and running, we stand a real chance of doing an end run around the PC crowd that's in charge of our schools now.

  • At Sun Nov 06, 03:36:00 PM PST, Anonymous Felis said…

    "Have you seen http://thetruthproject.blogspot.comyet?"
    Yes I have and I even exchanged e-mails with one of the website authors - The Truth Teller.

    "If it can get up and running, we stand a real chance of doing an end run around the PC crowd that's in charge of our schools now."

    This is an excellent idea.
    In fact I am planning to start a website which would include history education/lecture (for adult public mostly).
    Let's keep in touch, perhaps it is not a silly idea to coombine/synchronize our efforts sometimes in the future.

  • At Mon Nov 07, 07:51:00 AM PST, Blogger Cubed © said…


    Re: having been to The Truth Project. Bit by bit, it is gathering useful information for the Realists in the crowd.

    Your idea of a "teaching website" is very exciting, as is your suggestion for some synchronized brainstorming. Please get in touch with AOW for my personal email, and we can throw some ideas around.

    To me, it seems that this sort of thing--a more or less "formalized" teaching format, in addition to the "informational" format, is something whose time has come. The "informational" sites have grown so numerous and so good that there is plenty of material to draw on.

    Look forward to talking with you.


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