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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Good Advice - Watch Out for Saudi Charm Offensive

Women especially should be wary of Middle Eastern men oozing charm as they have been nurtured on the art of taqiyya, the "acceptance of lying" in the service of Allah. What better way to further the goals of islam than to create more Muslims. That is to marry (use) Western women as incubators for more Muslims and as an anchor to gain entrance to Western countries that offer a host of benefits -- asylum, financial, and eventually "citizenship" and access to the base of power -- money and politics.

Surprisingly not everyone in Saudi Arabia seems happy with the idea of sending their young out to be sullied by Western culture and other dangers not facing them at home: "young women report sexual harassment" and lying can get one arrested or cause a loss of face and prestige, obviously not a problem back home. Then they have difficulty dealing with traffic problems and, darn it, they can't use "political pull" to get them off when in trouble.

Some of our students even lie in their responses and are proud of it. These students, used to lying to officials in the Kingdom, can fall easily to American justice when they lie or provide false information to US officials.

One of the bad habits that our students take with them when they go abroad is the culture of sexual harassment. They cannot take this culture to America. American woman can easily report sexual harassment to authorities. Saudis that engage in sexual harassment can end up arrested, charged, jailed, and deported. In this system that often sides with the woman in sexual harassment cases, what do you think happens when the accused is an Arab?

Lock up you daughters! (Oops, that would make us MORE like Saudi Arabia. No, inform them about cultural differences and problems created when Middle Eastern men move in on Western women, and forearm them with Karate classes and pepper spray. Perhaps parents should send their students to college in small tank-like cars rather than the cute little minis that seem to be in fashion.

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