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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Strange and Interesting Port Story

The Internationalists are driving the world today. The struggle for commercial supremacy has been going on for centuries.

Here is an interesting port story involving the country of Denmark. Once again I tip my hat to Gates of Vienna. Dymphna, a contributor to the blog, noted many interesting features about involvement of Danish company Maersk at the Iraqi port of Khor az-Zubayr. It seems that foreign operations of port facilities is rampant all over the world.

The story is of great interest because of today's port controversy. However, as nations and corporations act in their own interest, especially during the chaos of war. Notice that Maersk is tied closely to the Danish government and to the Danish royal family as is the Dubai Ports World tied to the royal family of Dubai.

Could it be that the Cartoon controversy is some how tied to this action? That would be interesting.


  • At Sun Feb 26, 04:33:00 PM PST, Blogger Cubed © said…

    Sigh. Yeah, the "Internationalists." They sure are driving things, and they've been doing so for far too long. Unfortunately, Bush is among them. Papa Bush was a big fan of the "New World Order" and it's a hereditary defect.

    It sure 'splains a lot, though - why he refuses even to mention border problems and why he was so secretive and defensive about the port deal.

    Both define our national sovereignty, and to become part of the "New World Order," our national sovereignty must be destroyed.

    I don't think I'm wrong about this.


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