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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Are Hispanics Becoming American?

Mexican flags are waving in the streets of the United States. This part of the problem. Linda Chavez states that Hispanics are "becoming Americans" as did those of previous waves of immigrants. Are they? The answer is "maybe." The answer is "sometimes." Some Hispanic immigrants are choosing to become Americans while others are here to exploit and even to undermine the American system.

For example, irredentist groups such as Maldef and MEChA are decidedly interested in the latter choice, openly advocating a position of creating a separatist state. Meddling Latin American governments such as Mexico claim that "immigration" is problem that must be solved "in partnership with the United States" while also advocating positions that are undermining and hostile to the United States. For instance, Mexico is making four demands: (listen to Four Mexican demands)

1. The documentation of regularization of Mexicans currently in the United States. (As many rights as possible, to as many Mexicans as possible, as soon as possible and many rights listed on the ram audio file.)

2. Border safety and violence;

3. Permanent visas for Mexicans and removing Mexico from the country quota or country quota or country ceiling category because of the "special relationship" that exists;

4. Guest worker programs or temporary worker programs.

The Mexican economy benefits from the billions sent home in remittance. Dual citizenship divides immigrants loyalties. Are they Americans or are they Mexican, or Guatemalan, or Russian, or what ever?

In the case of Mexicans, who can really know as Mexico encourages immigrants to run for office in Mexico while residing in the United States, as Mexican officials proudly boast that America (meaning the United States) is becoming more Mexican every day. The Mexican government has set up Consulares throughout the United States that issue and ID card and help Mexican citizens to obtain services and rights in the United States while "maintaining their Mexicaness." an obvious hostile act to the interest of the United States. Unfortunately Mexico is not the only government that hold these policies. The importance of focusing on Mexico is that Mexico is the only country that shares a long border over which pour millions of its citizens!

Mexican migrants are not unique in their refusal to assimilate to the United States. I hesitate to call them immigrants for an immigrant is one that willingly and enthusiastically embraces that culture, language, and mores of the adopted country. Today's Hispanic migrants are choosing not to learn English and have self-segretated into metropolitan areas in which Anglos feel uncomfortable or even fear to go. They have become "no go areas," or neo-cultural and political zones, hence fulfilling the aspirations of groups such as Maldef and MEChA. Some are warning Hispanics that Anglos will turn on them in a shooting war.

IMMIGRANTS AND MIGRANTS ARE DEMANDING THEIR RIGHTS. Mainstream Americans aren't anti-immigrant so much as they are against those that refuse to assimilate, refuse to learn English, refuse to abandon parts of their culture that are not appropriate to life in the United States, or refuse to offer to the United States an undivided loyalty by forgoing dual citizenship, in whom the citizenship oath has from a true home.

Next week Bush travels to Mexico to "negotiate." Shouldn't he, as does Mexico, make demands that Hispanics from this country come in the interest of the United States and not the interest of their home country?


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