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Friday, March 17, 2006

Danish Muslims Sue Over Cartoons

Still claiming that the publication of cartoons depicting Muhammed and Muslims in an unfavorable light are a "violation of civil rights," Danish Muslim are "report Denmark to the UN Commissioner on Human Rights for failing to prosecute the newspaper that first published the controversial cartoons..."

The 27 Muslim groups also plan to sue the newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, for defamation in a Danish court, according to their lawyer, Michael Christiani Havemann.

"Denmark is obliged through the UN to secure the civil rights of its citizens," Havemann said by telephone. "The national prosecutor won’t pursue the case and, therefore, acts as a barrier to justice to the complainants."
Henning Fode, Denmark’s director of public prosecutions, announced on Wednesday that he would not charge Jyllands-Posten, ruling that the drawings it published last September did not violate Denmark’s laws against blasphemy and racist speech.

Mr Fode said that the cartoons could be considered an affront to the Prophet, but did not break Danish law.

The idea that the publication of cartoons about a religious figure is a violation of civil rights is ludicrous. Restricting of speech, refusing the franchise, limiting access to government, torture, and the like are violations of civil rights.

Muslims make up 3% of Denmark's population. Muslims make up 6.052% of Europe's population and 100% of their problems!
In comparison, Muslims make up 1.147% of North America's population: Canada 2%; Mexico 0.3%; United States 1.4%; Central America (south of Mexico, North of Venezuela) 0.199%.


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