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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The April 2006 Edition of 6th Column Against Jihad Is Out

6th Column Against Jihad offers NEW FOR APRIL 2006

  • From Cubed, A Recipe: How to Make a Muslim (Part 8 of the Education and Jihad Series)

  • From Charles Martel, An Objectivist's Response to Muhammad Cartoon Controversy

  • From Portia, Immigrating Terror: Why Immigration Officials Couldn't Exclude Jihadists and Anti-American Anyone Prior to 9/11 and Teddy's Terror Loophole

  • From Jane Scully, Hatred of the Angels, Chapter 4, Brotherhoods

  • From Jacob Thomas, Turkey: A Case Study in Failure to Secularize , Denial: A Characteristic of the Islamic Mind, and Human Rights Violations in Arab Prisons

  • From The Objective Standard, Introducing The Objective Standard (and excellent panoramic summary of Objectivsm)


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