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Sunday, April 09, 2006

John Walker Lindh: American-Muslim Hero

"The apotheosis of John Walker Lindh is beginning."

via: JihadWatch

You won't believe this!

In "The new Malcolm X?" by Philip Sherwell in The Telegraph (thanks to JS), we learn that American Taliban John Walker Lindh is a respected figure among Muslims in prison, that he is deeply devout and dedicated to reading the Qur'an, that he is quiet and gentle, and that some see him as having a great future as an American Muslim leader.

It would be interesting to see, in that event, if he renounced any intention to bring Sharia to America -- but he probably wouldn't, because no one in the public sphere would call upon him to do so. And if he doesn't, then any bridge building and work for social justice that he actually does will only be various forms of da'wa, or the spreading of the Islamic faith. Thus the social justice for which he stands will actually amount to injustice for women and religious minorities.


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