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Friday, April 28, 2006

Meet Senor, Senora, et al, Entitlementas

May 1 is supposed to be the day when all the illegal aliens inside America emerge to show their strength. Their plan, according to sundry news reports, is to cripple America--well, for one day. They plan to show that they are a force to be reckoned with by not going to work and not buying anything Gringo.

Whatever they intend to show, they will show us the only side of the entitlement personality they can, the dark side. They will wallow in their imagined victimhood and act like baby birds who open their mouths as the adult bird arrives to the nest so that the adult bird can stuff nutrients into their gullets. Only these entitlement birds will not grow up and become independent adults.

Over and over we keep repeating the seemingly immortal words of Dr. Phil McGraw, famed television psychologist: People teach other people how to treat them. To see the difference we are stressing in this article, compare the following: (1.) people struggling to get to America illegally out of desperation, to take any job, to earn any money, to send back home, to support impoverished families in a country so corrupt that it makes a cesspool seem like clean drinking water; (2.) people struggling to get to America illegally because the American government doesn't care and they want to get their rewards, i.e., meet their "expectations."

Actually, both groups are meeting expectations, but they differ for each group.

The first group expects to find earning opportunities that make taking the risk of illegal entry worth taking. Anything else they can come by is pure gravy.

The second group expects to belly up to the welfare bar and be taken care of, at U. S. and state government expenses. This ALWAYS means at taxpayer expense since no government creates anything, thus earns nothing. Parasitizing from the conscripted earnings of productive citizens of a host country is always anathema to honorable men and women. This second group harbors no such scruples.

Listen to them and to their "leaders," and you will hear that this second group has "rights." That is correct: ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT RIGHTS. What they mean is Rooseveltian Rights, not the Rights of Man. FDR, Mrs. FDR, and all Lefties then to now, stood for the "four freedoms" and their "logical" rights. For instance, freedom from hunger becomes the right to be fed. The freedom from the elements becomes the right to shelter, clothing, and by extension, on to health care and education. After all, does not the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights say the same thing? Yes, that disgraceful document does. These entitlement personalities are living the UN's UDHR.

Add to this all the decades of "compassionate leftism" and all the "compassionate conservatism," past to present, and you have two political parties, which sadly dominate American politics, giving away the farm. Some even declare this largess to be offered by "right." Our government taught them well, with the support of the government of Mexico.

Just a brief digression here in the interest of clarification. True rights are sanctions of ACTIONS and never the provision of materials and services. Your nature as a human being necessitates rights as freedoms of action to support and further yourself but not at the expense of others. Money, food, health care, education, etc., are items which must be supplied by someone--in this case, taxpayers. These are given by governments after taking money and property from citizens by force. The "four freedoms" of FDR and their derivative "rights" are pure Orwell-Speak. RIGHTS ARE NOT ENTITLEMENTS, AND ENTITLEMENTS ARE NOT RIGHTS.

What these Democrat and Republican policies, with presidential collusions, produced were masses of entitlement personalities, bellying up to your wallet to claim their "rights." Whereas the first group we cited tends to be grateful for opportunities and tries to make the most of them, the second group has no gratitude. The second group becomes petulant, demanding, passive aggressive, and passive dependent. After all, their own government of Mexico has contributed at least as much as the state and federal governments of the United States in cultivating the mass entitlement syndrome.

So, come May 1, expect to see masses of baby birds in the streets, all with mouths open, demanding to have THEIR entitlements stuffed into their gullets. Listen for all the corrupt "RIGHTS" that will be mentioned. And, do not forget what Dr. Phil said: We teach people how to treat us.

As for me, I intend to go shopping and observing. I could go shopping today or over the weekend, but I want to support the Rights of Man and its magnificent derivative, capitalism. And, I want to send a message by my actions to those who deserve my support and those who do not. I will also send a flurry of emails, etc., to the Cowards on the Potomac.



  • At Fri Apr 28, 09:29:00 AM PDT, Blogger Cubed © said…

    Yup, shopping this Monday sounds good. We have pets, and a "Spotbot" or whatever it's called sounds like a great purchase; pets will be pets, you know, and a couple of those little carpet stains could use some more help.

    Wal-Mart, the target (no pun intended) of all Lefties everywhere, and one of the specially targeted capitalist enterprises this Monday, probably carries them, don't you think?


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