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Saturday, April 29, 2006

On the Slippery Slope of Corruption

"If you can't 'em, join 'em." The age old chestnut is being played out in front of our eyes. According to Thomas Baffy at The American Thinker, American society is being "Mexicanized." He doesn't mean racially or demographically, but in the way that the rule of law is being set aside in order to pander to the interests of certain segments of society.

He does not refer to the migrants flowing across the border as the problem: the are mere pawns. The flow could be stemmed at will ... if we choose to do so. The flow isn't stemmed because certain segments of American and Mexican society consider the mass migration beneficial. We know already how the Mexican elites benefit from the arrangement. How are Americans of the upper echelons and the middle class induced into ignoring the rule of law over the populism of a foreign country?

We all know that the rules are being ignored for the sake of international competition, for the sake of "cheap labor" and "cheap votes," for the sake of filling the pews of the Catholic Church, for the sake of nannies, maids, and gardeners for middle-class homes so that both parents can work or persue their own interests. We know these things because for over twenty years the harbingers of doom have told us all about them in article after article, book after book, and now the proverbial "chickens have come home to roost."

We are stuck with at least 12 million migrants who have no place to go. The are in fact: colonists. How did this happen? How was the rule of law abrogated?

The concept of equal rights for all Americans also revolves around the idea that our laws are applied equally to all of us.  When governments ignore certain laws, they are in effect repealing them. They have accomplished through fiat what no one could do in the legislatures or the courts. The Constitution is bypassed.

Once this idea becomes accepted, lodged into theory and practice, your rights as an American are subject to the whim of government officials.

By allowing certain law-breaking activities to go unpunished we send a clear message to everyone that it is acceptable to ignore laws that you do not agree with.  Once individual government officials establish the principle of deciding for themselves what laws will (or will not) be enforced, the “culture of corruption” will be established.  It will not matter which political party is in power. 

This creates the environment where government officials can be bought or coerced by “greasing the wheels” with a little influence money.  We will have given up a great, if flawed, tradition of rule of law, replacing it with rule of the strong and rich. It will take bribes and favors to get anything accomplished just as it sometimes does in the governments of some of our southern neighbors. 

The outcome is "a corrupt system that entrenches the wealthy and powerful lead (ing) to economic failure, as it has in Mexico and would in the United States. Our class structure would evolve toward Mexico's, with our middle class shrinking in the process."

According to Baffy, the antidote is to "insist that our government follow the rules and law without exception...Arbitrary or capricious disregard for the laws should be met with expulsion from office in all cases...Our elected official should be forced to go "on the record" if they want to change laws. Then we can register our verdict the next time they run for office."

Is it too late?

On Monday, May 1, 2006, the abrogation of the rule of law will be flaunted as migrants and their supporters will rub into the faces of Middle America the fact that they are here and in charge.

Who are they? They are the organizers of the event. They are the employers that are closing down or looking the other way if their employees decide to demonstrate rather than work. They are the school officials that will permit school skippers to march with the demonstrators. They are businesses, such as fruit and vegetable wholesalers, delivery services, and the like that will refuse service. They are the journalists that, copy-cat style, repeat the same "sensitive" immigrant sob story. And, this is unbelievable, they are members of legislatures that condone, or organize, or even march with the law migrant lawbreakers and support the rights of migrants over those of the citizen constituents. In their hearts, all of these are themselves, breakers of law: the amnesty isn't just for the migrants, its for the employers and the enabling legislators on that slippery slope. They are the voters that keep in office those officials that don't enforce the laws of the land. They are those of us that remain silent on the topic and accept the status quo. We are they and have only ourselves to blame.

Laws are not set in stone and can be changed. There's a lot at stake for America. Obviously with so many law breakers ignoring long-established laws they should be. Shouldn't they?


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