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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Et tu, Arnold?

Hattip: Allah at Hot Air via: Michelle Malkin

Could this be a reason why Schwarzenneger finally relented and is giving Fox a statedinner tomorrow in Sacramento?

The latest Rasmussen Reports election poll shows Schwarzenegger and State Treasurer Phil Angelides each with 45% support. When matched against State Controller Steve Westly, Schwarzenegger trails by two points, 46% to 44%.

Schwarzenegger will doubtless benefit from the spate of spit balls the Democratic candidates are hurling at each other as California's primary election, to be held June 6, approaches. 

But the immigration debate may have dampened Schwarzenegger's numbers in recent weeks. Our April survey showing temporarily improved support for the governor was conducted before the large immigration rallies held around the country, demonstrations that provoked a backlash among foes of illegal immigration.

The nation's highest-profile immigrant has been navigating a sometimes wavering course through the minefield of the immigration debate—in a state with more illegal immigrants than any other. The eventual Democratic nominee will have to face the same minefield, though, and without the advantage of being both an immigrant and a legal one.

Our national polling shows that just 39% of Americans agree with President Bush's approach to immigration. Typically, American voters favor a policy that begins with gaining control of the border but is also welcoming to  immigrants.

Just 25% of California voters say the President is doing a good or excellent job on the immigration issue. But, they are equally divided as to whether they trust Republicans or Democrats more on the issue.

Ah, politicians...don't you just love them!


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