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Friday, May 12, 2006

Meet the World's Third-Richest Man--And The Nine Other Mexican Billionaires

There's nothing wrong with making and having money. Becoming wealthy is part of the American dream.

Mexico is commonly viewed as a poverty-stricken country whose inhabitants will die unless we open our borders right now. An appeal to the "humanitarian argument" is one of the main propaganda tools used to support open borders and mass immigration.

And by American standards—though not world standards—Mexico is indeed a poor country.

But there is a lot of money down here.

As a matter of fact, according to Forbes magazine’s latest list of billionaires, a Mexican, Carlos Slim, is the third-richest man in the world!

That’s right! Bill Gates is #1 with $50 billion; Warren Buffett is at #2 with $42 billion.

Trailing Buffett by a mere 12 billion is Carlos Slim of Mexico, with a net worth of $30 billion dollars. (The World’ Billionaires, edited by Luisa Kroll and Allison Fass, March 9, 2006).

Besides Slim, there are nine other Mexican billionaires. (That’s dollar billionaires, not peso billionaires).
Why don’t Americans hear more about these people?

Let’s take a look at each of the 10 Mexican billionaires.

Read the original to find out the identities of the others as well as other interesting information.

The Mexican billionaires could be heroes---but they're not. Instead of paying attention to their fellow citizens, instead of creating jobs and industries, and raising the standard of living, their problems are sent north to the United States.

Here's a plan to help them do the right thing by their own citizens:

If Mexico’s rich were doing more to provide jobs for their fellow citizens, who could begrudge them their wealth? I wouldn’t.

Here is my American strategy. What if the U.S. got control of its borders, deported illegal aliens, refused to give amnesty, eliminated the Anchor Baby loophole, and expelled any Mexican diplomats who meddled in U.S. immigration policy?
What if we drastically reduced legal immigration, and made it clear by our policies that this era of mass immigration is over?
There would be a lot of shouting and whining. But in the end, Mexico would have to accept it.

Then Mexicans would start paying more attention to their fellow citizens who are billionaires and millionaires.
With the U.S. safety valve shut off, Mexico’s masses might start to pressure the government confiscate the wealth of Mexico’s rich…or just take some of it themselves.

Faced with this prospect, I think these Mexican billionaires would start thinking seriously about generating more job opportunities for their fellow citizens.

These billionaires have formidable wealth, assets and connections.

How about using them to create more and better-paying jobs right here in Mexico?


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