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Friday, May 26, 2006

Mexico Gets Veto Power? "Consultation" Required?

Michelle Malkin has pulled together a few links that should make your blood boil.

Here are some questions:

Since when does the American Congress kowtow to Mexico?

Why are our state and federal legislators and legislatures "consulting" a foreign power on any American policy?

Why are they more impressed by, and care more for the ideas and opinions of foreigners over their legitimate constituents, the American people.

Why are they putting the interets of the citizens of another nation ahead of those of the United States? Could it be that our two, or is it three, nations are already entwined...and we just know it?

Villaraigosa, Fox's emissary in the Los Angeles, weighs in:

The mayor stressed the importance of the region's economic ties with its southern neighbor. He said he intended to discuss trade and tourism with Fox on Friday and avoid the contentious immigration debate, which is a federal issue.

At the same time, he acknowledged a federal border crackdown involving thousands of uniformed troops and new barriers could hinder, rather than help, his attempts to expand business with the city's southern trading partner.
Mexico sends more tourists to Los Angeles than any other country an estimated 1.5 million in 2005. Trade between Mexico and the Los Angeles region totaled $25 billion last year, which supported an estimated 42,000 jobs in Los Angeles County, the mayor said.

"We gain more by embracing the world, rather than turning our backs on it," the mayor said. "By working toward the mutual benefits of increased trade and foreign investment, we've taken steps beyond enforcing laws and building walls to address the flow of immigrants."

Improved business ties, he said, "will ultimately work to reduce the underlying economic factors that push people away from Mexico and toward the United States."

As mayor of an ethnically diverse city and the son of a Mexican immigrant Villaraigosa has spoken sympathetically of those "who clean hotel rooms, who sweep the floors, who watch our children." At the same time, he has also called for secure borders and the enforcement of immigration law.

As he has in the past, he urged Congress to forge a compromise that "holds people accountable for breaking the law, but also provides a pathway for citizenship for the 12 million people who are currently living and working here."
Fox has faced criticism for a U.S. visit that overlapped with the congressional debate. But the mayor said the timing was not inappropriate.

Antonio...weren't you elected by American citizens, and, upon inauguration, didn't you swear to uphold the Constitution? But he's no better or worse than other American every level.

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