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Thursday, May 18, 2006

North American Union to Replace the USA?

Why doesn't the President just tell the truth and be done with it? Sooner or later we will have to find out, or is the progressive admixture of citizens of the three nations a signal that "it's a done deal"?

There signs are all there. Here's Jerome Corsi on what is becoming everyday more obvious:

President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada. This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration's true open borders policy.

Secretly, the Bush administration is pursuing a policy to expand NAFTA to include Canada, setting the stage for North American Union designed to encompass the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. What the Bush administration truly wants is the free, unimpeded movement of people across open borders with Mexico and Canada.

President Bush intends to abrogate U.S. sovereignty to the North American Union, a new economic and political entity which the President is quietly forming, much as the European Union has formed.

The blueprint President Bush is following was laid out in a 2005 report entitled "Building a North American Community" published by the left-of-center Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR report connects the dots between the Bush administration's actual policy on illegal immigration and the drive to create the North American Union:

At their meeting in Waco, Texas, at the end of March 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin committed their governments to a path of cooperation and joint action. We welcome this important development and offer this report to add urgency and specific recommendations to strengthen their efforts.
What is the plan? Simple, erase the borders. The plan is contained in a "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" little noticed when President Bush and President Fox created it in March 2005:

In March 2005, the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States adopted a Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), establishing ministerial-level working groups to address key security and economic issues facing North America and setting a short deadline for reporting progress back to their governments. President Bush described the significance of the SPP as putting forward a common commitment "to markets and democracy, freedom and trade, and mutual prosperity and security." The policy framework articulated by the three leaders is a significant commitment that will benefit from broad discussion and advice. The Task Force is pleased to provide specific advice on how the partnership can be pursued and realized.

To that end, the Task Force proposes the creation by 2010 of a North American community to enhance security, prosperity, and opportunity. We propose a community based on the principle affirmed in the March 2005 Joint Statement of the three leaders that "our security and prosperity are mutually dependent and complementary." Its boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly and safe. Its goal will be to guarantee a free, secure, just, and prosperous North America.

The perspective of the CFR report allows us to see President Bush's speech to the nation as nothing more than public relations posturing and window dressing. No wonder President Vincente Fox called President Bush in a panic after the speech. How could the President go back on his word to Mexico by actually securing our border? Not to worry, President Bush reassured President Fox. The National Guard on the border were only temporary, meant to last only as long until the public forgets about the issue, as has always been the case in the past. (My emphasis added)

The North American Union plan, which Vincente Fox has every reason to presume President Bush is still following, calls for the only border to be around the North American Union -- not between any of these countries. Or, as the CFR report stated:

The three governments should commit themselves to the long-term goal of dramatically diminishing the need for the current intensity of the governments’ physical control of cross-border traffic, travel, and trade within North America. A long-term goal for a North American border action plan should be joint screening of travelers from third countries at their first point of entry into North America and the elimination of most controls over the temporary movement of these travelers within North America.

Discovering connections like this between the CFR recommendations and Bush administration policy gives credence to the argument that President Bush favors amnesty and open borders, as he originally said. Moreover, President Bush most likely continues to consider groups such as the Minuteman Project to be "vigilantes," as he has also said in response to a reporter's question during the March 2005 meeting with President Fox.


  • At Fri May 19, 03:29:00 AM PDT, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    I read enough of that pdf file to figure out that GWB has at heart the interests of North America--not the interests of the United States. 2010 is the target year and is not far off.

  • At Fri May 19, 07:17:00 AM PDT, Blogger Mark said…


    The 'North American Union', as you say, would mirror, in many ways, the European Union.

    It is quite unbelievable that any president could countenance such a scheme without first consulting with the people. More and more, I feel that the idea of democracy is dying. Major decisions are being taken by 'the great and the good' on our behalf. Now how democratic is that really?

    There is no doubt that our leaders are rattled by the up and coming China. That country, after all, does have a ready supply of cheap labour. Allowing Mexico into the North American Union would help achieve the same: a cheap and ready supply of labour.

    What astounds me is not so much that this has been thought about, but that the plans should go ahead so surreptitiously. And this in a so-called open democracy such as the United States of America.

    It would seem to me that if this goes ahead, then it will only be a miror of the hare-brained idea to let Turkey into the European Union.

    These politicians of ours, especially the leading lights, need to get a grip on reality. And a grip on reality is what President Bush increasingly appears not to have!

  • At Fri May 19, 09:11:00 AM PDT, Blogger Eleanor © said…

    Mark - The MSM, owned by big business, has "underreported", i.e. ignored this subject for decades. The goal for many is an open society, a borderless world, in which a labor, goods, and capital may freely flow. National boundaries and sentiments are sticking points and obstacles to be eliminated.

    The question for them is: who will be in charge of this international system? The Chinese, the Americans, the Europeans, a consortium of business moguls? Although the process is well on the way, the outcome probably won't be known in our lifetime.

  • At Fri May 19, 02:00:00 PM PDT, Blogger Mark said…


    It's a rather frightening prospect, isn't it? It's a scenario in which the individual will be even more powerless than he now is.

  • At Fri May 19, 06:37:00 PM PDT, Blogger Cubed © said…


    Bush is not capable of leveling with us. He has a plan, an agenda, and he firmly believes that "father knows best."

    He also knows that if he told us the truth, we would not permit his agenda to be implemented - therefore the sneaking around.

    He did it with Dubai Ports, he did it with Doncasters, he's trying to do it with the border - God knows what else he has up his sleeve.

    I've been sending daily "nags" to our hopelessly Leftist Senators and Representatives, and keep getting "There, there, now" computer-generated messages in return.

    The mere fact that these assholes - the legislators and the president - agree with each other should be warning enough to the unenlightened about what is going on with the man behind that curtain.


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