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Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Loving Mexico and Che," NOT Loving the United States, and Other Woes

Clueless Senators voted "yes" on last week's immigration bill. Apparently neither they nor their staffs pay attention to eyewitness reports of the behaviors of Mexicans toward their own illegal migrants, or to the behaviors of illegal migrants here in the United States that shamelessly take advantage of the largess of America. Are the "clueless Senators" really so clueless?

Legalization is what they want. Legalization doesn't always mean "a path to citizenship". Legalization is a green card that allows one to remain in the United States to work, study, and to receive benefits. Some will pursue the path to citizenship, but most aren't interest in the responsibilities of citizenship, only the benefits of the green card.

Is this what it's all about?:

A reminder: once amnesty is passed, it can never be undone a step toward a North American Union in which all those south of the border would have the right to move up to your neck of the woods. It's unclear whether the laws adverse to migration south, such as those in Mexico, would allow United States citizens freedom to make that, or any choice. This is beginning to sound like the EU boondoggle.

It's interesting to note how we are funding our own demise. Here is an example.

Humberto Fontova gives us a look at the contrast between the treatment of the non-nativeborn, whether illegals or naturalized, in Mexico and the United States. And a shocker: he shows how chummy Mexico is with Communist Cuba. And then there's the "Che factor".

Texas director of homeland security describes how the southern U.S. border is exploited by all types of folks from just about everywhere.

And look at this: The Trans-Texas Corridor," a major super-highway, with six lanes moving in each direction...for passenger vehicles and large trucks, freight railways, high-speed commuter railways, and a corridor for utilities including water lines, oil and natural gas pipelines, and transmission lines for electricity, broadband and other telecommunications services." The highway extends from Mexico City and the Mexican coastline north through Laredo, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and then it forks off to various points east and West and up into Canada. This does not include the activity at other expanding ports of entry.

Troubling. Do we want THIS for the United States? More troubling is the fact that THEY think we won't notice.... or care, and if we do, we can do nothing about it.

Meanwhile, Daniel Pipes explains how migrants are now being treated in Europe and Africa, a dilemma for Europeans that feel inundated and under siege.

It's the same old story: failed states mired in corruption create a poverty-stricken population that are "permitted" to migrate to "find a better life". The responsibility lies with the corrupt and violent leadership that is allowed, in the name of humanity, to foist their problems and their failures on the rest of the world.

"All politics are local," but "local" problems become something else when the rest of us are expected to clean up the mess. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to make a mess that others will have to clean up. It would be refreshing to see the rest of the world scamper to my aid, to soothe my aches and pains, and my worries; but I won't my hold my breath as history has shown that they would let me die of asphixation before turning a hand to give an American relief.


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