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Saturday, June 17, 2006

What's This About? "British civics class encourages kids to think like terrorists"

Via: LGF

From: The Stupidest Educators Files:

In order to assist in the teaching of current affairs.

Who's bright idea was this: "Citizenship class is taught to think like a terror cell...

Teaching packs entitled 9/11: The Main Chance, which invite pupils to imagine organising a terrorist attack, have been distributed to schools running the Government’s much-vaunted citizenship classes.

One worksheet asks the pupils to imagine what terrorist targets there are in their neighbourhoods. They have then to suggest what weapons and methods should be used to ensure the most effective results.

At the end of the worksheets, which are funded through the Government’s neighbourhood renewal programmes, a number of links to other terrorism-related articles are listed including one on food terrorism and how fast-food chains, for example, could be attacked. Another article is headlined “How safe is our water?” A series of links to websites on the September 11 atrocity, in which 2,986 people were killed when al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked and crashed four planes, are also listed on the worksheets.

Many of the sites propound outlandish conspiracy theories on the atrocity including the suggestion that the American military shot down flight United 93.

Another link takes pupils to a website which suggests that Dick Cheney, the US Vice-President, directed the attacks, while another “news” website the worksheets encourage pupils to visit includes references to images of Satan appearing in smoke over the Twin Towers on September 11.

Tim Window, one of the creators of 9/11: The Main Chance, said that the packs had been used with great success at a pupil referral unit he works at in East London before they were introduced across the borough of Waltham Forest.

Mr Window denied that the packs were culturally insensitive and said that they were about teaching pupils to bring “impartial and unbiased information” to a subject.

After the publication by the Government of the “narrative” into the July 7 bombings, Bill Rammell, the Higher Education Minister, said that citizenship classes should be used to give pupils a stronger sense of British identity.

He said that teaching all children about British culture and traditions would allow Muslim children to integrate better into society.

How can simulating terrorism and assassination "help Muslim children to integrate better into society"? The developers of this program must have gone to same school as those that created JFK Reload, the game that simulates the assassination of JFK and gives players an opportunity to learn assassination decisions and techniques.

According to Hot Air that did the research, the demographics of pupils in the area where the program is used is "disproportionately Muslim"

Why am I not surprised...and won't they be surprised when more terrorists, Muslim or not, arise from the population exposed to this program!


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