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Monday, July 12, 2004

Basics of Islam (III)

Is resistance to Islam “futile?” Many will recognize this question as a paraphrase of what the Borg told absolutely everyone who resisted their “assimilation” on the Star Trek movies and television series.

The answer for most Muslims is “Yes!” The answer for apostates is always “No, but you are in great danger.” Islam has successfully dealt with resistance to it for almost 1400 years, and this accounts in part for its success. Few try to escape its clutches, and those apostates who do are marked for death which may be performed by any Muslim.

“Islam” means “submission.” Ostensibly, it means submission to Allah and Allah’s wishes and plans for that Muslim, an acceptance of one’s fate, although they never put it that way. A Muslim is one who submits. Islam is a one-way street. You may become a Muslim, but you may not leave Islam, ever, for any reason, or face death. Nor must you ever doubt Islam in any way if you are a Muslim, or face death.

Those who were Muslims but have renounced Islam are known as “apostates.” Those who have not accepted Islam are “infidels” or “kaffirs.” The state of disbelief in Islam is “kufr.” Nobody makes a bigger deal out of disbelief than Muslims. Their war on disbelief is in proportion to the flimsiness of the arguments for Islam: Doubt, once starting to spread, would end Islam quickly and permanently as a world issue.

Muslims go crazy over polytheism and disbelief. They call polytheism, “shirk.” If you are religious, but you are not worshiping Allah, you are committing shirk, the “unpardonable sin.” All “disbelievers in Allah and the Oneness of Allah, polytheists, pagans, and idolators, ... in Hell will they abide. The Fire will burn their faces, and they will grin with [disfigured] lips.”. [Quotes are from The Noble Qur’an, pages 916 - 924), referenced in part one of this series.] Christians commit shirk because they believe in the Holy Trinity.

Islamists get very detailed about shirk. Doubt is anathema.

1. Major Shirk

a. Worshiping deities other than Allah.
b. Any actions in support of any deities other than Allah.
c. Obedience to any not authorized by Allah (such as rabbis, monks,
Mary, Jesus, etc.).

2. Minor Shirk, they define, as religious behavior where world benefit results.

3. Inconspicuous Shirk happens when one is at odds in any way with one’s status and life which Allah has preordained for one.

Kufr means disbelieving in any of the six articles of Islamic faith.

• Allah
• Allah’s angels
• Allah’s messengers
• Allah’s revealed books (Qur’an, etc.)
• Day of Resurrection
• Predestination

Major disbelief nullifies one’s status as a Muslim.

1. “Disbelieving in the Divine truth or denying any of the articles of Faith.”
2. Rejection as disobedience to “Allah’s commandments after prior conviction of their truth.”
3. Doubting any of the six articles of faith.
4. Any deviation from the dictates of Islam.
5. Hypocrisy.

These sins subject one to death.

Minor disbelief is lack of gratitude to Allah. Minor disbelief does not excommunicate or decapitate a Muslim.

It is worth citing one more list to illustrate the grip that Islam has on Muslims who must fear Allah and fear Islam all of the time. A synonym for submission with regard to Islam is “obedience.”

Hypocrisy in belief puts one into the worst that Hell can provide.

• Denying the Messenger (Muhammad)
• Denying anything alleged to have been said by Allah
• Hating Muhammad
• Hating anything Muhammad allegedly said
• Enjoying any difficulties Islam may experience
• Displeasure at the victory of Islam

These are the cardinal sins of Islam.

As anyone can see, Islam is mind control. Children in Islamia are born Muslims. Islam takes their minds early in childhood and never lets go. Bodies follow minds.


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