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Friday, July 30, 2004

FIFTH COLUMN ALERT: FrontPage :: The Democrats Embrace Al-Jazeera by Thomas Ryan

FrontPage :: The Democrats Embrace Al-Jazeera by Thomas Ryan

It is one thing not to be able to identify the enemy. It is quite another to invite him into your home as one of you. This is why we need to check some sites like Front Page Magazine daily. 

Part of the socialist mentality of liberals, those who now dominate the Democrat Party,  includes epistemological and moral agnosticism or relativism.  They see having Al Jazeera aboard as a sign of their inclusiveness.  What will become of this "war on terrorism" should they regain power?

Here is the opening paragraph of this article. 

Despite Democratic Presidential Nominee John Kerry’s assertion that as President, he would “use every available resource to destroy terrorists and deny them sanctuary…and new recruits,” one of the invited guests at the now-concluded Democratic National Convention was an organization that has served as a terrorist recruitment tool, a communications conduit for al-Qaeda in general and Osama bin Laden in particular. This network has repeatedly described Palestinian suicide-bombers as “martyrs.” High above the platform and the sea of “Kerry-Edwards” placards, covering the convention from a skybox towering over the Fleet Center floor was Arabic network al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite news agency whose allegedly “factual and accurate” news coverage has been blatantly anti-American. The Democrats were at least savvy enough to remove the network’s banner, which had been strategically placed near the speakers’ podium. But how could any candidate or political party “serious” about terrorism make no fuss about allowing such a news group inside its convention?




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