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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

FIFTH COLUMN AT WORK: From FrontPage :: The Faisal Gill Affair by Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

FrontPage :: The Faisal Gill Affair by Frank J. Gaffney Jr.: "The Faisal Gill Affair, By Frank J. Gaffney Jr. , July 19, 2004"

The Bush Administration does some things well and some things very poorly. Their softness on Islam lets Fifth Columnists for Islam gain significant footholds inside the federal government. It's like Alger Hiss getting cozy, thus deep, inside the FDR administration. Hiss was a Communist, who had the friendship of FDR.

Gaffney's opening paragraph takes up this theme:

"Readers of this e-zine [Front Page Magazine] may recall a troubling warning issued on these pages last November by David Horowitz and me (an editorial entitled “Why We Are Publishing This Article” that accompanied a long essay entitled “A Troubling Influence”). What made the warning so troubling was not just that its subject -- a political influence operation being mounted during wartime by Islamist organizations against the Bush Administration and U.S. government. Of particular concern was the help it documented that such entities have received from a prominent and well-connected conservative activist, Grover Norquist."

Over and over, the name of Grover Norquist shows up. He is a Bush buddy with strong pro-Islamic ties, particularly to Saudi Arabia. I first read about his involvement in Stephen Schwartz's book, Two Faces of Islam. Frank Gaffney has been warning us about Norquist and his Fifth Columnist activities. How many are heeding his warnings? Who could know?
We will do our part by passing on good information.

Mr. Gaffney's next two paragraphs ought to grab any American's attention and give everyone a scare:

"It now appears that Mr. Norquist’s help has extended beyond facilitating high-level access and influence for various Muslim-American and Arab-American entities with troubling ties to, or at least sympathy for, radical Islamofascists – and even terrorists. Reportedly, his association also helped someone affiliated with such a group to gain a political appointment to an exceedingly sensitive post: “policy director” of the Department of Homeland Security’s Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection division.

"As the title of this position suggests, its occupant would have access to highly sensitive information about the vulnerability of, among other things, U.S. ports, transportation infrastructure, chemical plants, oil refineries and nuclear power plants to terrorist attack. The incumbent is a 32-year-old lawyer named Faisal Gill."

Readers may click the link to the article for the details about Faisal Gill.

Why do Fifth Columnists work their way into confidences and high positions? The answer is that it gives them the chance to populate organizations with more of their kind. Fifth Column work implements ideas, of course, and that is Sixth Column's focus, but ideas do not exist outside of people. People with ideas make changes. Islamic ideas in Fifth Column Islamists work to subvert, weaken, and make us vulnerable.

Listen to Mr. Gaffney. Go back and read his November article in Front Page Magazine about Grover Norquist. We must never permit Fifth Columnists into the halls of power.

Recognize, however, how "good people" become unwitting tools of Fifth Column subversives. Here is a conservative Republican, Grover Norquist, a friend of George W. Bush, blowing smoke up the president, who has some willingness to be deceived. This is a particularly dangerous variation of Fifth Column work.


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