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Monday, August 16, 2004

A Diagnostic from the Islamic Enemy

MEMRI: August 17, 2004 No.763 Egyptian Government Weekly Magazine on 'The Jews Slaughtering Non-Jews, Draining their Blood, and Using it for Talmudic Religious Rituals'

Many years ago, I developed an obsession to find out what made Nazis "tick," i.e., discovering their intellectual credentials. What I discovered was that Nazis were among the most banal intellkects on earth. I had to go to philosophy to find out what caused and sustained Nazism because Nazis, communists, fascists, Islamists, and all other totalitarians pack so few intellectual credentials. Hitler, for example, appealed to the Will, sort of "the blood" of Aryan Germans. Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, etc., had created Hitler, but Hitler understood only emotionalism, the effect of these philosophers.

What a disappointment it was to learn that monsters so horribly evil could be such intellectual light-weights. I later learned that this is always the case. This is no less true with Islamists.

The article from MEMRI, which I would classify as a MUST-READ, if for no other reason, for a good chuckle, demonstrates just what poor intellectual powers we face.

The article lays out material which would be embarrassing to publish in America, unless one were a liberal. Why the Israel hate? Muhammad turned on the anti-Semitism, and the Islamic light-weights have used it just as Hitler did. Absurdity reigns among the bats in their belfries.

Here is one hilarious sample of Islamicist "thinking," taken from the MEMRI article:

The Rabbis use this blood [non-Jews] in various religious rituals, among them weddings when an egg is smeared with blood and the married couple eats it the night of the wedding, which gives them the power to deceive and trick anyone who is not Jewish. Also, the Rabbis use the blood of the non-Jewish victim to treat some illnesses that afflict the Rabbis. They mix some of the blood with the blood of a circumcised baby, then brush it on his throat in order to purify him, and also anoint their temples with it to commemorate the destruction of the Temple every year; [it is also used to] anoint the chests of their dead so that God will forgive them their sins; it is also mixed in the holiday bread and in many other Talmudic rituals.

While we are engaged in a war of ideas with these Islamic numb-skulls, our ideas are superior in every way. We just must make our actions be totally consistent with our ideas, and push these Islamic Nazis back to the 7th century A.D.


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