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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Would Someone Please Recall General Patton?

The New York Times > International > Middle East > Combat: Najaf Fighting Pauses to Allow Talks on Truce

The Najaf and Al-Sadr situation seems like another "triumph" of the so-called State Department. Here comes defeat being snatched from the jaws of victory.

Per the news reports, super-mosque has been surrounded completely, trapping all of the nasties inside. We have earned the right and have the opportunity to finish off these ne'er-do-wells quickly.

Supposedly, they have plenty of water and food stored inside. Well, guess what? CS (tear) gas pumped into that building to reach concentrations which make their eyes fall out, their skin blister, and every breath feel like inhaling raw fire would, in liberal-speak, possibly draw them to the table. In fact, you couldn't shoot 'em fast enough unless you used the finest and fastest machine fired weapons we have, used in large numbers.

Then, Mr. Piggie, Himself, could be beheaded right there on international television. All the corpses of his followers could be stacked up into a pile, Muhammad-style. The mosque could be opened to fresh air, possibly using a fan or two to move the gas out. Any survivors of the ne'er-do-wells could be outfitted with sponges, buckets, mops, brooms, etc. to wash down the walls, ceilings, floors, and furnishing. Now, that would be how to do a real 'NEGOTIATION."

"The talks in Najaf appeared to have ended, at least for now..." Ain't that a liberal shame.

"But the terms set by the two sides appeared far apart, at least publicly, and it was far from certain that a solution to nearly five months of sporadically deadly confrontation would be found." Who would have thought?

"In Washington on Friday, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell outlined tough conditions for the Najaf talks..." We can hope this pussy willow gets replaced with someone who does not have a smooth perineum in the second Bush term.

"The violence is being perpetrated by outlaws and by former regime elements and by terrorists who respect no truce, respect nothing except force," Mr. Powell said in the remarks at the State Department. "And as long as those individuals don't understand the spirit of peace and reconciliation, are not willing to work for a democratic, free Iraq, they have to be dealt with." What will they think of next?

"Command Sgt. Maj. Steve Frennier, one of the cavalry division's top noncommissioned officers, said the soldiers were disappointed that the battle had been called off with Mr. Sadr still in control of the Old City and the southern part of the cemetery, abutting the mosque. "They're frustrated," he said." This is what happens when you do not formally declare war. You allow political considerations to interfere with rationality.

"I will not leave this holy city," Mr. Sadr was reported to have said as supporters chanted, "No, no to America!" He added, "We will remain here defending the holy shrines until victory or martyrdom." There you have it. This porcine anus is evil, but he is right on with the truth. We should dispatch him and throw a big party.

This type of "thinking" and behavior out of our leaders and the hamstringing of our military retards speedy resolution and complete resolution. They have not and do not grasp the nature of the enemy. They have never read Raphael Patai's The Arab Mind, and have no concept how these "people" think. Our leaders enshrine ignorance as their highest virtue. And, if Kerry becomes president, all of the foregoing will deteriorate to the maximum.


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