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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Jihad Watch: Kerry and the Middle East

Jihad Watch: Kerry and the Middle East

It did not take us long as children to learn about human deceptiveness. Soon enough, we had to judge people by what they did, with less and less credence given to what they said.

Democrats officially nominated a presidential candidate who resembles the cardinal property of a liquid: He takes the shape of the container. This shape-shifter Kerry has no endo-skeleton and has the collective subjectivist mentality of all liberals who believe that their beliefs and intentions count as actions. His speech took up about one hour of expensive television time, and its reliance on cue-words instead of substance fooled only those who desperately "want to believe." Kerry will "fight" with cue words, slogans, empty promises, and resolutions from the UN, and kowtow to France and Germany. He will not stand up to Jihadists--unless they attack us directly, he says. One must wonder how much of an attack is enough for him.

Pres. Bush gives me endless heartburns, including insufficient understanding of the Islamic enemy and insufficient resolve to declare war formally, then annihiliate them, starting immediately with Iran. His thoughts are confused about whom we are fighting; thus, his actions are contradictory. Nevertheless, he moves overall in the right direction.

The Democrats' "girlie men" candidates can have only the fullest support from al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, and. of course, the U.N. There is a philosophical sympatico amongst them, which means, expect no real opposition to enemies of America coming from Democrats . Whether anyone is a Republican, Democrat, independent, or from whatever party affiliation including no party affiliation, he should be scared to death by this Democrat duo, assuming he supports the Declaration of Independence principles and our Constitution, and should run pell-mell to register to vote, if needed, and then to vote this November for his life.

The article cited comes from today's Jihad Watch and originates in the Arab News (link in the Jihad Watch article). For any who might not be familiar with Jihad Watch, it is the gold standard presentation of current events and news about Islam-inspired or influenced doings about the world. This site publishes daily and is one of the most relevant news and commentary websites in existence.


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