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Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Middle Eastern American Convention for Freedom and Democracy

There is a new phenomenon out there in this war against jihad, and we have blogged it before. It is the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism. I subscribe to their emailings, and I just received this. I am not aware of anything like this since 11 September 2001.

To date, I see good things being said by the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism. As much as I want to endorse them, I want to see a track record, because, frankly, I do not trust Muslims. Built into Islam are time-tested methods of deceit and fifth column work. We do not need any more Trojan horses. However, I want to help publicize what they are saying and doing, and I want them to be what they say they are -- we really need American Muslims to stand up with the rest of Americans for America. So far, that is what they are doing, and I applaud them.

This invitation is extraordinary, and we republish it here with pleasure.

The Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism Invites you to:

The Middle Eastern American Convention for Freedom and Democracy.

A number of Muslim and Middle Eastern American Organizations are teaming up to put together the largest Muslim and Middle Eastern American event ever organized in the USA. This convention is organized by groups who want to take the lead in the war on terrorism, fanaticism and who love freedom and democracy. It will also challenge organizations in the US who have been falsely claiming to exclusively represent the opinions and aspirations of all Muslims, Arabs and Middle Eastern Americans. The Convention will conclude with a letter to President Bush and the US Congress expressing our support for the war on terror and our passionate desire to take the lead in this war. This convention is a more accurate window to 8 million American Muslims and Middle Easterners who favor freedom and reject terror.

Among the topics to be discussed are terrorism, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, women’s rights and religious and ethnic discrimination.

This Convention will be held in Washington, DC on Friday, October 1, 2004 at the Wardman Park Marriott, starting at 6pm. Other cultural and intellectual activities will take place during the day. President Bush has been invited and may be speaking at the event. The cost for the event is $100, including dinner.

For more information or to reserve, contact the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism at 202-262-3491. Reserve via email at

  • Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism
  • American Islamic Congress
  • American Islamic Forum for Democracy
  • Center for Islamic pluralism
  • American Lebanese Alliance
  • American Lebanese Coalition
  • American Lebanese Coordination Council
  • American Libyan Freedom Alliance
  • American Maronite Union
  • American Middle-East Christian Association
  • Assembly for LebanonAssyrian Academic Society
  • Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism
  • Iranian American Coalition
  • Kurdish Patriotic Union
  • Lebanese Information Center
  • Flame - Mauritania Campaign
  • Reform Party for Syria
  • South Sudan Movement of America
  • Sudan-Darfur Organization
  • The American Coptic Association
  • The Saudi Institute
  • US Alliance for Democratic Iran
  • U.S. Copts Association
  • Women's Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran
  • World Lebanese Cultural Union - USA

For more information visit our website at:


  • At Tue Sep 28, 12:24:00 PM PDT, Blogger DP111 said…

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  • At Tue Sep 28, 12:31:00 PM PDT, Blogger DP111 said…

    A pleasure to read your work. On the subject of moderate Muslims or those Muslims against Jiha/terrorism etc.

    For the last three years we have been on the hunt for a group of Muslim moderates. Their has been a hue and cry across the land to find these moderates but with not much success. Over time we began to feel that no such moderates existed. Now we find that they do exist, or atleast they do in a blog virtual reality world. So why didnt these people come out immediatly after 9/11. Why the wait? To me it appears that such moderates are evident only when the threat to Islam's image becomes a real threat to its wellbeing. The reality is that genocidal Infidel and Jew killing is endemic in Islam because it is written in the Koran, the ultimate authority for Muslims. That cannot be changed.

    For instance this is what Abu Hamza had to say

    If a kafir person (non-believer) goes in a Muslim country, he is like a cow. Anybody can take him. That is the Islamic law. ...If a kafir is walking by and you catch him, he’s booty. You can sell him in the market. Most of them are spies. And even if they don’t do anything, if Muslims cannot take them and sell them in the market, you just kill them. It’s OK....I say the reality that’s in the Muslim books anyway. Whether I say it or not, it’s in the books.I'm deeply suspicious of what comes out of the Islamic world. I for one, prefer the likes of Abu Hamza. Atleast he is honest in what the goals of Islam are and says so openly. The moderates of Islam are much worse, as they beguile the West, while all the while the demographic threat grows. However the written texts in the Koran remain and are always binding, and moderate Muslims are well awre of that. It is clear that some Muslims have begun to realise that videod beheadings, the rape and murder of school children, all in the publicly acclaimed name of allah, are threatening the Islamic goal in the world. And hence the public appearance of moderate Muslims. We should bear in mind that the goal of Islamic hegemony remains. Only the method may change depending on circumstances.


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