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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

"Sick" = Evil

Paul Johnson Beheading Video Surfaces on Internet - Jeremy Reynalds -�

Americans tend to call things which are horrible by our standards as "sick." This article by Jeremy Reynalds in Mens News Daily references one Abu Hajar's comments.

"The gruesome beheading video of engineer Paul Johnson has finally surfaced on the Internet. (View an edited version of the video here . Caution: Extemely gruesome video.) While still pictures of Johnson after his decapitation have been available at radical Islamic sites such as for some time, this video has just come to light. An individual using the name Abu Hajar writing on the "Its Happening" bulletin board ( on July 17 posted a short note titled "Learn How to Behead Paul Johnson."

"Hajar wrote (sic), "To the admin: i hope that you dont become frightened and remove the file." Hajar ended his post by writing, "Our deaths are in the paradise and their deaths are at the hell." Hajar's post was not well received on the "It's Happening" board, with a number of members responding with both threatening and profane posts. The link posted by Hajar,, takes viewers to the beheading of Johnson. The short video begins with chanting and then shows video of helicopters, interspersed with the rubble apparently following an explosion. The scene then shifts to a picture of Johnson sitting blindfolded with his mouth moving – possibly praying. Viewers then see Johnson's head being hacked off in fast movements. The killer then callously wipes the blood from his knife on Johnson's orange jump suit and places his head on his back.

"According to international media, the video was titled "The Voice of Jihad: Get the infidels out of the Arabian Peninsula." Voice of Jihad is the name of a periodical issued on the Internet twice monthly by the al-Qaeda cell in Saudi Arabia, which claimed responsibility for Johnson's killing."

The article continues discussing the source website and others.

Abu Hajar probably is not "sick" in any psychiatric or medical sense, although I must guess since I have no acquaintance with him. I want to try to divest Americans from labeling these vermin as "sick." We tend to excuse the sick because they are sick.

What Abu Hajar is, and those like him are, is evil. If you value life, freedom, individuality, and the capitalist system which makes prosperity and happiness attainable, then you are polar opposite to the Abu Hajars. You could choose what he values, but you won't because you would be choosing something very much against life on earth, humanity, and happiness. By any objective standard, yours is a morality of life and humanity. Yours is a standard of good.

Multiculturalists, ethical relativists, and the politically correct will immediately counter with the notion that what is good for you is not necessarily good for Abu Hajar. And the proper answer to that is, Oh, yes, it is. Furthermore, you can prove it, objectively.

The Abu Hajars get their morality from Islam. Islam enshrines death, not life; self-sacrifice, not self-fulfillment; and hatred, not happiness. If theirs is not an objective standard of evil, then evil has no meaning. It is not a matter of irrelevant choice. Islam is evil as doctrine, and evil as practice. Abu Hajar says it, "Our deaths are in the paradise and their deaths are at the hell." They rationalize their evil through the lie of their going to Paradise (Heaven). If they thought all the blood, pain, suffering, misery, and death were so all-fired good, they would not have to rationalize any of it. Underneath they know they are living as subhumans ethically, even if not a one can verbalize it.

No, we must judge them. They are evil. They can be nothing but evil as long as they uphold Islam. Islam is evil.

Cut Islam no slack. Cut Islamists no slack. Give them no benefit of the doubt. They have made their own case. They are evil, and they want to make America like them. Make America safe from Islam.


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