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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Recently a drive-by shooter attacked my 28 September 2004 blog piece. He or she objected to my calling Islamists' assault on the USA as a "religious war." I want to be sure that any reader does not make this shooter's mistake. The doctrines of the religion of Islam declare chronic war (jihad) on ALL RELIGIONS that are NOT Islam. That means that the RELIGION of Islam is attacking all other religions of the world in order to annihilate them and their adherents. If that is not religious war, what is? However, Islam goes to the farthest extreme. Islam declares war on all humans who are not Muslim. That includes people like me, an atheist. A religion, Islam, wants to annihilate or enslave me. That is religious war.

The rest of what the drive-by shooter wrote was clear only as spittle spewing vituperation. All but one statement was so unclear that I could not tell whether the writer is a liberal or an Islamist--and it has become almost impossible to tell them apart. The objector used the name "Anonymous." You can read all of the comment at the end of the 28 September 2004 blog piece.


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