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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Iraq Conundrum: What Am I Missing?

Over my morning tea came the news of two more car bombings in Iraq. As much as I detest attacks on our convoys, I get much more disturbed by reports of these car bombs going off at police academies, recruiting depots, markets and other obvious gathering places. I just cannot understand these latter car bombings.

Now, down South, where I came from, we are the people other people are supposed to feel superior to and safe about mocking because we are, as we might say, "eat up with the dumb ass." This son of the modern South, accordingly, is stuck in "Huh?" These car bombings are a real head-scratcher.

I know we aren't "nuanced," but we might deal with the civilian aspect of the problem in a simple way. We would not allow automobiles to get within two blocks of police academies, lines of recruits, crowded markets, and such. If the death-worshippers want to blow themselves and the automobile into oblivion, we'd make 'em do it where they couldn't wreak havoc.

Obviously, our solution suffers from simplicity, thus could never be worth a damn. Yet, you know, if they did it our way, civilian casualties would almost disappear, at least from car bombs going off next to civilian conclaves.

What am I missing?


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