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Thursday, December 09, 2004

From the Ridiculous to the Absurd: Dickens is “too religious” for public school

Everyday I read about the mounting mania of those that are determined to remove any vestige of Christianity and Judaism from the public schools and public square. Although the Constitution of the United States does not forbid religion in school or the public arena, highly educated people have been mesmerized by some evil force into believing that the Constitution has made this mandate that religion should be exiled to the privacy of the home and church. If this were so, long ago the Supreme Court would have made such a ruling.

From the east to west we are being barraged by news of officials, frightened by lawsuits or controversy that are stripping our culture of literature, music, art, anything that might have a reference of any kind to the religious background on which our culture is based.

At Lake Washington High School near Seattle they are banning Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” because this might offend or seem to be “an emphasis on a particular religion.”

Recently in Cupertino, California, the Constitution and other American documents were under attack by the principal of that school because the teacher was emphasizing the religious content. Well, the religious content is in there because the authors and the framers made the decision to base the documents on the enlightenment and on religion. Fortunately they didn’t have to contend with the U.S. court system or the ACLU when they made their choice.

Your tax dollars at work in the land of highly-educated petty bureaucrats: what a dangerous lot of idiots helped along by fifth columnists from among the Left and the Islamists, of course. Could it be that Islam is to fill the void after Christianity and Judaism have been fully banned?

I can’t wait to see which cultural icon is next to be banned. Can you?


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