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Thursday, September 08, 2005

At Last, A Muslim With A Good Idea

King of Britain's Parasite Class, its Muslims, Omar Bakri Mohammad, has finally said something worthwhile, and he is saying it from where he is actually living his advice: Out-of-Britain. In his case, he is in Lebanon because he is no longer allowed in Britain.

Bakri who fashioned himself as the Muslim tail that wagged the British lion finally pissed off the British.

Cleric banned from U.K. slams Britain's 'evil ideology' of government

By Agence France Presse (AFP)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

LONDON: Bakri, who praised the September 11 hijackers in the United States in 2001 as "magnificent," prompted outrage after the July 7 bombings when he said he would never tip off police if he knew a Muslim was about to carry out an attack. Interviewed from Beirut by Britain's Sky News television, the cleric confirmed that his family remained in Britain, where they would stay "until I settle my life here."

He said he left Britain because of the government's response to July 7, and to the failed repeat bombings a fortnight later, which has seen a crackdown on Islamic extremism. "I left with the intention that I did not want to come back, because of the evil ideology and evil policy adopted by the British government," Bakri said.

Before this response to the bombings, Muslims in Britain were "living in harmony," Bakri said. [Editor's note: If you buy this, I will sell you a bridge... The only way this could have been is because the British were asleep at the switch.] "I was living in the U.K. because I really loved the country, which was really my second home, and I had no problem with the culture. [Editor's note: He lived for 20 years on the British dole, without earning a single farthing.] "However, after the bombings of July 7, I think the British government adopted a policy to cover up their own failure to find who was behind the bombing, to start to accuse the so-called extremists. Unfortunately some people bought that from them."

Britain's Muslim population should consider following his lead, Bakri said.

"Myself, personally, I do not see any reason to stay in the U.K. after the new laws of terrorism," he said. "I think the Muslim community can no longer live in peace in the U.K. It is better for them to think to leave."

(Emphases mine)

He must has been using CAIR's bullcrap generator to create his statements, but there is no missing his advice to British Muslims. Having them leave Britain for the various sandboxes of the Middle East would benefit Britain more than an enema would benefit someone obstipated. Britain could really get on with its healing and resurrection with much clutter reduced. Really, the only thing missing is putting his family on a one-way flight to Lebanon to join the man they deserve to be with.

In fact, having Muslims return to Muslimia (or Islamia) from all over the world would do wonders for everyone, including the Muslims. They could all celebrate returning to 7th century life and the slicing, dicing and tyrannizing of each other with impunity. The civilized world could get on with progress without being distracted by taqiyya and kitman fanatics always biting at the heels of civilization and its bounty.

How can we get Bakri's message into America?


  • At Fri Sep 09, 10:50:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Enlightenment Reactionary said…

    Yet another totally obvious example of an ignored totally obvious solution: Don't be asleep at the switch.

    People who revere the barbaric 7th Century as some sort of lost Golden Age of Civilization are naturally unable to function in a more enlightened modern age.

    One doesn't necessary have to deny them entrance into a country because shining the light of inquiry on them and insisting that they integrate and assimilate and obey the laws of the new country will be more than enough to chase the would-be evil-doers back out of the country and send them back to the litter-boxes of the world.


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