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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Law "A Is A" Applies to Muslims Too

The philosopher Aristotle formulated this law of identity during the Golden Age of Ancient Greece. Despite many philosophers since, including those masquerading as philosophers these days in our postmodernist universities, no one has been able to repeal this law. Not that they haven't tried. Some have succeeded in fooling themselves that Aristotelean logic no longer applies in the modern world, but, as Lincoln said, you can fool some of the people some of the time...

This WND article could just has well been entitled "What hath Islam wrought?"

The explanations are not explanations. They are more expletives. For example, in the final paragraph of this excerpt, the reporter states about the "Gazans" that they are "people whose basic animal instincts overwhelm even their own logic."

A bunch of foolish Jews in America, lead by Morton Zuckerman, donated $14 million to buy the greenhouses which those in Gaza need to raise produce. These American Jews bought the greenhouses and gave them to the "Gazans." What did the "Palestinians" do with these food-producers? Of course, they destroyed and looted them.

WorldNetDaily: Jews sickened by Palestinian desecration, Wednesday, September 4, 2005, by Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM – Watching television images of Palestinians looting the remains of their former homes and burning down the synagogues they built, Jewish Gaza refugees told WorldNetDaily yesterday they are "sick to their stomach" and "disgusted by the barbarity of the Arabs."

Looting and chaos continued in Katif yesterday, one day after Israel's final departure from the area. Thousands of Palestinians poured in from nearby Khan Yunis, Gaza City and Rafah to celebrate Israel's withdrawal and chip away at the ruins of former Jewish homes and businesses. Celebrations frequently spun out of control, with Palestinians setting fire to debris. Hamas flew its flag from the remains of the Gush Katif municipality, which until last month housed Venunu's offices. Palestinians also burned down three of Gaza's 20 synagogues. Hamas' Gaza leader, Mahmoud al-Zohar, Monday held a Muslim prayer service in one large synagogue and then called on Hamas supporters to destroy the holy site. The Palestinian Authority has said it will raze the remaining synagogues.

There were reports yesterday of Palestinians storming greenhouses left behind by Israel in a deal brokered by private American organizations. In Gadid, a large former Jewish farming community, a group of looters overwhelmed hundreds of PA guards
who acknowledged they were unable to hold back the crowds.

Anita Tucker, one of the pioneer farmers of Gush Katif and the owner of several greenhouses left behind in Gaza, told WND: "I am not in the least bit surprised by what the Palestinians are doing. Still, I put my whole life's work into my greenhouses, and it pains me, it sickens me in my stomach, to even think of what is now happening to them."

Tucker added, "I had employed Palestinian greenhouse workers and was quite close to them. If this withdrawal didn't happen and we could have developed relations with the Palestinians, there could probably have been peace. Back before the Oslo Accords, I used to go shopping in Gaza City and there was lots of communication. But then the 'peace process' destroyed it all."

Former Katif resident and blogger Shlomo Wollins told WND: "I am angered, but the savagery in Gush Katif by the Palestinians was all expected. I feel like we are dealing with sub-humans, savages, people whose basic animal instincts overwhelm even their own logic. It's in the Palestinians best interests to behave themselves right now when the whole world is watching them. But they can't control their need to destroy all things Jewish, like the synagogues."

Now, read my lips: This is the meaning of Islam-in-action. Literally, "Islam" translates to "submission, " but in practice, for 1400 years, it has meant just what is happening in Gaza since the Israelis left. Gaza is no aberration; it is Islam in action. These are Muslims motivated solely by Islam. This is what Islam does to normal people.

There is no moderate Islam. There is only Islam. Islam is as Islam has always been. Trust a Muslim? No, trust Aristotle's law. A is A will never be wrong. Not even Muslims can escape its inexorableness.


  • At Wed Sep 14, 02:44:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Enlightenment Reactionary said…

    Good job on your post. It reminds me of a position I've had ever since I read my first words of Ayn Rand. That being that there is an objective reality and no one can escape it.

    Unfortunately for me, I have an bad habit of challenging people who casually assert that there are different "truths" for different people, or that their reality is different than someone else's. When they ask what I mean, and I wish they would stop, I'm forced to tell them that there is only one reality, we all live in it, and that we are successful in life in direct proportion to the degree we can accurately perceive it. This is immediately followed by outrage on their part about my narrow-mindedness and over-simplification of complicated issues.

    The fact is that if the so-called Muslim world insists on turning back the clock to the 7th Century and annihilating everyone who disagrees, then success will forever elude them. And they deserve that outcome.

  • At Sun Sep 25, 12:06:00 AM PDT, Anonymous jovan66102 said…

    The Arabs are often called "Sons of the Desert". Inspired by their religion, for the last 1500 years they should be called "Fathers of the Desert." The Gallilee is a case in point. It was fruitful under Seleucid/Roman/Christia/Jewish use. It became a desert when the Muslims conquered it and became fruitful again when Israel took it back.


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