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Saturday, October 01, 2005

It's About Time!

We first heard this on televised Fox News, and we looked for it this morning in print press outlets but could hardly find it. The Las Vegas Sun reprinted a Associated Press clip, of which we are taking a snippet:

Las Vegas SUN, September 30, 2005, FDNY Chaplain Resigns After 9/11 Remarks, by MICHAEL WEISSENSTEIN, ASSOCIATED PRESS

NEW YORK (AP) - The fire department's new Muslim chaplain abruptly resigned Friday after saying in a published interview that a broader conspiracy, not 19 al-Qaida hijackers, may have been responsible for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Habib told Newsday in an interview published Friday that he was skeptical of the official version of the attack on the World Trade Center, which killed 343 firefighters. The 30-year Guyana native joined the department as chaplain on Aug. 15 after the FDNY's Islamic Society recommended him for the part-time position, which pays $18,000 a year.

Scoppetta said Habib, who was educated in Islamic law in Saudi Arabia and preaches at a New York mosque, had appeared qualified and passed a background check.

(Italics mine)

Finally, an American organization with "balls" ignominiously dumps an Islamist for the right reasons. However, the question screams for an answer: Why in the hell was a "Muslim chaplain" ever considered in the first place?

Let's add a little perspective. Would Jews invite a Nazi to minister to their spiritual needs, as they see them? Well, surely there must have been some nice Nazis, weren't there? After all, we are told there are peace-loving, loyal Muslims in the West. That must be true, right?

The parallels between Nazism and Islam are not academic. E.g., this weekend, we will publish Part 2 of Crusader's "Truth About Islam" on 6th Column Against Jihad. Part 2 of Crusader's brilliant article has many photographs showing just how intimate Muslims were with the Nazis during the Nazi heyday. Also, Mein Kampf continues to be the number one best seller in Turkey, a supposedly semi-Islamic country.

Our enemies are Islamists, of course, as those who have done even the minimum of reading know. Worse than Islamists are the Americans and Westerners who are the appeasers of Muslims. The doctrines of Islam are as plain as day and are in no way hard to find or understand. Islam spells out its evil, just as Nazis spelled out theirs. Appeasers try to pretend that what is, is not, that the facts are somehow not facts, and that Muslims are a life-loving, friendly lot. Well, if there are such Muslims, please come forward and tell us how you value peace and what you mean by "peace," in plain language divested of taqiyya.

Appeasers hire "Muslim chaplains," as though they are just another variety of folk who love and worship a benign God of all. Incrediblym, appeasers hire Muslim chaplains to go to where the wounds are still the freshest and sorest, like the New York Fire Department! Appeasers ask no tough questions, so that rather mainstream Islamists get a foothold without detection of their standard orientation to Islamic jihad. Appeasers will avoid learning how similar are Islam and Nazism.

The only break Islamists need is the opportunity to buy a one-way ticket back to their sand box of choice, not to walk among free men as though they are equals.


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