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Friday, October 07, 2005

Robert Spencer Hits One Out of the Park

This morning, 7 October 2005, Robert Spencer appeared briefly on Fox and Friends First. He was interviewed by Brian Kilmeade and Alyson Camerata. The entire event was superb.

The context, of course, was the advertised threats to the subway system in New York City from jihadists coming from Iraq.

The interviewers first presented Mr. Spencer's new book, Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and did so by hailing its best attributes: its truthfulness and clarity. At least Mr. Kilmeade seems to have read the book.

Then Mr. Spencer was asked questions about Islam and Muhammad. One of the most important questions was whether Islam is really a "religion of peace," as touted. Mr. Spencer laid out the facts and cited koranic specifics requiring Muslims to impose Islam by force on non-Muslims. He also stated that Islam stands unique among religions in its dictum of "convert, be dhimmified, or die." Neither of the Fox interviewers flinched or went politically correct here or with anything else Mr. Spencer said.

Other questions concerned Muhammad, whom Mr. Spencer classified as a typical regional warrior of the 7th century, but who has become the template for the ideal man for all times in the thinking and teachings of Islam since Muhammad died in 632 C.E.

Another good question involved the Battle of Badr and its meaning. The interviewers tied the meaning of this battle in which Muhammad and his forces, although seriously outnumbered, won, to the current situation in Iraq. The interviewers drew the conclusion that if the USA gives up and leaves Iraq before the job has been done, this will be interpreted by Islamists in exactly the same way as the Battle of Badr, and they will feel free and totally optimistic about the outcome in their bringing the war to us in the USA. Mr. Spencer concurred.

We have seen many interviews of Mr. Spencer. He has always been good, but he has not been given the correct opportunities for his prodigious knowledge to be made available during the interview. Usually, the interviewers, to draw on the famous quote of Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men, "...can't handle the truth." This time, the interviewers did handle the truth and let Mr. Spencer shine.

Kudos to the Fox team and to Mr. Spencer.

By the way, is it just us, or are others beginning to notice a shift toward the truth about Islam in many areas of the USA? Even though he is light years away from proper recognition, President Bush, for example, can now say "Islam" without stumbling over his own religious correctness. Others seem less reticent to be so politically correct about the nature of Islam. Perhaps it is too early to call a trend, but we are taking note of what might be a few cultural harbingers of a much needed change.


  • At Tue Oct 18, 07:22:00 AM PDT, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    Yes, an awakening is occurring. The London bombings and some recent flaps with CAIR have alerted some to do their own research. And the timing of Spencer's book plays in here, too. The Guide is not sitting idly on my public library's shelves. It's on the move, with reserves too. Another event which reached some who were previously complacent was the crescent atrocity at Shanksville.

    GWB's "caliphate" speech helped too, though what he said about the religion of peace is nothing but pc crap.

    BTW, I heard that Ibrahim Hooper made a bit of a blunder last week. See

    I've seen Tucker Carlson go after Hooper before. Maybe Carlson is worth contacting? He's on MSNBC.


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