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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Security Breach at Nuclear Plant--Are We Beginning to "Get It"?

This week has seen an unprecedented upsurge in concerns about U.S.-Mexico border security, at least by private individuals; television news broadcasts, radio talk show hosts (and their guests), and even some politicians are increasingly voicing complaints about the Federal government's failure, for whatever reason, to mount an effective effort to plug this brazenly open invitation to terrorists to enter our country.

Viewed from the air, the flow across the border looks like an entire colony of ants on the move.

Here's a widely reported event illustrating just the tiniest hint of potential problems that could be brought upon us by our elected leaders' shaky compliance with the terms of their oath of office, wherein they promise to uphold the Constitution and take the necessary measures to protect our nation from enemies from within and without.

Security at the Crystal River nuclear power plant was breached last week when three Mexican nationals falsified Social Security numbers to obtain employment.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and numerous state and federal agencies are "investigating the issue." The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), a recent creation of the Department of Homeland Security, arrested the illegal aliens and charged them with violating U.S. immigration laws.

Reports claim that the Mexican nationals deliberately falsified Social Security numbers to obtain employment with Texas-based Brock Specialty Services, a contractor who works for Progress Energy – owner and operator of the Crystal River power facility located north of Tampa, FL.

Representative Ginny Browne-Waite (R – FL) expressed concern at the ease of the security breach, "Of all the places where an illegal alien should not be, this is like at the top of the list."

Spokesmen for Progress Energy and the NRC DISMISSED CONCERNED, commenting that employees and residents in the surrounding areas were "never in any danger," even if the illegal immigrants intentions were malevolent (which they deny).

Well, THAT certainly makes me feel better!


  • At Fri Oct 07, 08:03:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is just a drop in the bucket! Mexicans aren't the only people illegally crossing the border.
    Nuclear Power plants are one thing, but what about the chemical plants that have chemicals that if released could kill hundreds if not thousands of people downwind of the the plant. Even paper mills contain deadly chemicals that if strategically released could cause catastrophic damage to the environment not to mention anyone living within the direction the wind happens to be blowing.


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