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Friday, October 21, 2005


On this blog, we have published remarks to the House of Representatives by Representative Curt Weldon on 19 October 2005, and we have published some resource materials regarding the subject of Rep. Weldon's speech: the ungodly attempt by U. S. government agencies and personnel to ruin as much of the life of an outstanding American soldier as possible. And, the efforts involve pettiness, cheap tricks, lies, and flexing "the system" in order to crush the existence of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaeffer, United States Army, who blew the whistle on the Operatin Able Danger cover-up.

In short, here is the issue: Col. Shaeffer, a military "spook," worked on Operation Able Danger, a project which used a sophisticated program called "data mining" to identify from non-classified, commonly available sources potential dangers from groups like al Qaeda. By January 2000, they specifically identified Mohammed Atta and the Brooklyn cell of al Qaeda as serious threats. DoD would not let them pass on their findings, and no one in DoD listened. Not only this, but Operation Able Danger found out about the planned attack on the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen two weeks ahead. Able Danger team members went nuts trying to pursuade DoD not to allow the Cole to enter Yemeni waters. No one listened. Even though Operation Able Danger was subsequently terminated, with every effort made by DoD to destroy its documents, its programs, and all traces to it, a number of people who worked the project tried to tell their findings to the 9-11 Commission. No one listened, and they lied about being approached.

Lt. Col. Shaeffer was the first to come forward, but there are now ten who worked the project and have come forward. All tell the same story. To the best of my knowledge, only Col Shaeffer has been singled out for punishment.

You must read Rep. Weldon's speech, which we have blogged on this site and which is on the congressman's website. I had the unexpected opportunity to watch most of this speech via C-SPAN on 19 October. I was riveted by what the congressman had to say and so enraged by the injustice that I must do what I can to let Americans know what is going on and encourage them to stop this NOW.

Despite having earned a bronze star and having served as a Defense Intelligence Agency operative for 23 years, LTC Shaeffer now has had his security clearance stripped and is under threat to have all his retirement and medical benefits stripped. He is not being allowed to retire, the means by which DoD keeps him from being able to talk to the press. DIA and DoD people have been spreading lies about him in order to discredit him. They have compiled some sort of dossier of his "sins." To show the quality of their approach, they cite the fact that the colonel owes some $2000 in indebtedness. In addition, he stole government property.

Most of us would be damned glad to owe only $2000. And, as for the theft of government property, this goes back to the colonel's days as a 15 year old. He took some ball point pens from his military father's office to pass out to his classmates, a fact volunteered by the colonel long before anyone thought to ask. This is petty. What is vicious is the lying about the colonel. One DoD type told congresspersons that the colonel was carrying on an affair with someone in Congressman Weldon's office--someone Col Shaeffer does not even know!

We cannot let this stand, as Americans. We cannot let certain forces within government silence this man and intimidate all other service personnel who profess their allegiance to the Constitution rather than some tribal-like organization of government.

And, yes, we can stop this travesty. Our role model comes from the Take Back the Memorial group's efforts to stop Ground Zero from becoming a liberal-leftist, anti-American, taxpayer funded monument to all the sins of the USA, relegating the honoring of those who died at Ground Zero on 9-11-2001 to some out-of-sight basement room. These fine citizens, joined by volunteers who threw in support, did take back the memorial. What they did stands as the role model. Let us now apply the same to end the injustice already done to Col Shaeffer, to restore what he has earned to him, and to prevent any further injustice to him.

It is unique for us to join with Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga) about anything. However, she has joined the fight against the injustice to Lt. Col. Shaeffer. We will fight along with her to make this right just as we fight along with all sorts of other Americans of all sorts of diverse backgrounds but who share the fight to defeat jihadists.

Let us also not lose sight of the Operation Able Danger cover-up and help Representative Weldon expose and rectify the governmental corruption which endangered us all back then. If it gets away with the cover-up, none of us will enjoy the proper protection the Constitution requires of our government.

At a minimum, contact Cong. Weldon via his website to register support. Email your own congresspersons and senators. Let's reaffirm that right trumps might.


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