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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Zawahiri Reiterates the Triumphal Goals of Islamic Imperialism.

Why has the media given Islam a pass?

It is hard to believe that there are no journalists that have studied the tenets of Islam and have come the conclusions that any thinking person would make: Islam was dangerous then and is now. Thousands of contemporary examples of Jihad violence (scroll down) demonstrate that there has been no change in the either the goals nor the tactics of Islam.

Zawahiri, second in command to Al-Qaeda, the world's best known Jihadist group, has sent a now very public letter to al-Zarqawi, the head of Iraq's insurgency. The letter is explains much about the insurgency and once again illustrates what we all know to be true about Muslims -- the ultimate goal is Islamic imperialism, seizure of the world's resources, and enslavement of human capital for the glory of Allah.

This isn't a new concept and the press should recognize this fact. Perhaps they can't bring themselves to state the obvious when the facts apply to Iraq because of their hatred for George Bush, or perhaps they are afraid of becoming victims themselves. Walid Phares at FrontPage gives a credible explanation and tells why the letter is important:

This letter should not raise eyebrows that the jihadists have designs on Iraq and Baghdad: that is old news. The fact that this surprises the media only shows what a poor job these commentators do of researching and reporting on events.

If the Zawahiri letter is important, it is because of its clarification of what was always the grand design of the jihadis, not because it is revealing some deep secret. The letter is important because it was written by the number two of the organization and states clearly what are the strategic intentions, even though they were announced, discussed and applied long ago. In short, the public has them now in English and signed by Doktor Ayman personally. It cuts down tons of poor interpretations of the jihadist wars in the region, including the false explanation that jihad terror was born “because” of the removal of Saddam Hussein.

Red the Rest.


  • At Thu Oct 13, 04:43:00 PM PDT, Blogger John Sobieski said…

    I think the MSM still doesn't get it. They still think it's absurd and 'crazytalk.' They still believe that such a position cannot be the position of Islam. But it is.

    Yes, I am disappointed too with the ignorance and laziness of the MSM and our political leaders. Clearly at the time of Ataturk's dissolution of the Caliphate, there were leaders and unvisersity scholars who were very much aware of Islam's threat. But Islam became weak during that period, and lost again in WWII. Basically, for 40 to 50 years, Islam wasn't creating the havoc today. Jihad was weak. As Hugh has said, the old wise scholars died off or retired to be replaced by corruption by the new infidel 'scholars' and Muslim agents welcomed to advise about Islam. At the same time, our politicians forgot all about Islam as an aggressive threat, it became just another religion. Reversing the ignorance is certainly an undertaking that will take years, if not decades.

    It's a real shame. I only began looking at Islam after 9/11 and it became clear to me what was going on. It was easy to see the deception and the threat. Why can't our politicians and MSM see it? Political correctness and multiculturalism blind our society, our leaders.

  • At Thu Oct 13, 06:04:00 PM PDT, Blogger Rob Spooner said…

    I don't suppose the author of this nifty analysis has noticed that the "letter" is exactly what the CIA would have written, if they had wanted a fake letter to appear that would seem to be stating the position of Al Qaeda.

    Or that Al Qaeda in Iraq says it's fake.

    Isn't there at least a smidgen of a chance that this letter is just too perfectly suited to the needs of American policy?


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