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Saturday, October 22, 2005

What are the rights and restrictions of Dhimmis in Moslem Countries?

Although Islam is not the official religion of countries of the West, Muslims are quickly entering, occupying, and agitating for Sharia. Soon, this could be you!

What is Dhimma? Who are Dhimmis?

• Dhimma is the policy of treatment of Jews and Christians living in Islamic countries. Therefore a dhimmi is a Jew or a Christian living in an Islamic country. This policy does not apply to other peoples or religious groups, such as Hindus, for whom a strict policy of 'conversion or death' exists.

What are the rights and restrictions of Dhimmis in Moslem countries?

"The vile and ignorant dhimmis (non-Muslims in an Islamic country) must be humiliated, belittled and rendered abominable and able to be distinguished by their appearance." For example, "different colored shoes, one white the other black"; for males badges such as an "ape for a Jew and a pig for a Christian: for women yellow veils." The distinctive dress shows the Muslim that the dhimmi is to be treated as an inferior - not to stand up for her or shake his hand, not to give them Muslim charity. He is to expect respect and deference from the dhimmi who shall not join a group of Muslims or raise his voice in their presence. The non-Muslim is to stand aside if the pathway is narrow. It is haram (unlawful) for him to slaughter animals; reserved for him is the cleaning of lavatories and sewers, and carrying away rubbish and refuse. His house should be painted a dull color and be no larger than that of a Muslim neighbor.
- from various medieval Muslim documents, compiled in The Dhimmi, by Bat Ye'or

What follows details some of the "rights" that were extended to those groups with the status of "Dhimmi": Jews, and Christians - there are still a few remaining Christians unfortunate enough to remain in "Muslim lands".

• "No Jews or Christians are allowed to live in Saudi Arabia. Jews may not even set foot in Saudi Arabia, while Christians are allowed temporary residence. No churches are allowed in Saudi Arabia. The American government does not allow its soldiers, who are stationed in Saudi Arabia to prop up the Saudi king against his own people as well as his fellow Muslims, to have an open display of Judaism or Christianity.

• Outside of Saudi Arabia, pre-existing synagogues and churches are allowed, but no new ones may be built, and permission must be obtained to repair old ones. Synagogues and churches may never be apparent, no Jewish stars, no crosses, no church bells. They may never be higher than any mosque. There may be no public processions, and funerals must be discreet.

• Jews may not enter mosques on penalty of death. In the "good old days", Jews were killed for coming too close to a mosque. Jews were never allowed into the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, or onto the Temple Mount. Arafat looks forward to the time when this condition can be restored. He used the opening of the tourist tunnel as practice for the Jew-killing he plans to do in the future. It is an amazing example of the dhimmi mentality that still exists, that Arafat was exonerated for killing Jews, and Netanyahu was blamed.

• Jewish and Christian religious "leaders" in Muslim lands may only serve with the permission of the Muslim authorities. The Muslims allowed the Babylonian Jews to keep an official "Head of the Community" and "Head of the Yeshivas" for several hundred years, but then abolished it. The Turks continue to choose who may be the Greek orthodox patriarch, and Mubarak chooses the Coptic Pope. Every couple of centuries they would murder one or the other of these guys to remind them who is boss. Needless to say, they do not complain much out loud.

• In fact, it is forbidden to complain out loud. Anything taken as a criticism of Islam or Muhammad is punished by death. A non-Muslim proselytizing a Muslim is killed. A Muslim who converts is killed. A non-Muslim who becomes a Muslim and then reverts is killed.

• ... A Jew who struck a Muslim was killed. There is no such thing as a Muslim murdering a Jew; at most it is manslaughter and the killer pays a fine. There is no such thing as the rape of a Jewish woman by a Muslim. (The idea that Sephardic Jews are "pure Jews identical to the ones who originally lived in Judea" is idiotic.) Jews may not testify in a court of law against a Muslim, and have no legal recourse to anything done to them by a Muslim.

• - Samuel Fistel

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