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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Here's Why the "True Enforcement and Border Security Act of 2005" Is Just More Hype

"Until the time comes when Americans look out of their windows one morning and see vans, trucks, buses and trains filled with illegal aliens and criminal alien residents streaming outbound toward the border, or to the nearest airport out of the country . . . ONLY THEN will we know that something is being done.

"But until that day comes, Americans can know with absolute certainty that the federal government has done NOTHING to halt the illegal alien invasion of these United States . . . But until then, you’ll know that all of the "solutions" emanating from Congress—including the ghastly specter of another "amnesty"—are all just a lot of hot air."

When the day comes that this actually happens, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Don't hold your breath. The powers behind the powers have a different agenda and playing the system for financial gain at the expense of the American taxpayer. We will be registered, not the aliens.

And by the way, Section 433 of TRUE Enforcement allows the HHS Secretary to create a nationwide "electronic birth and death registration system" with "a common data exchange protocol" in order to allow "the implementation of electronic verification of a person’s birth and death." But doesn’t "true" immigration law enforcement entail keeping track of aliens, not U.S. citizens?

So what's being enforced and why are we being tracked? This smells fishy to me.

Read it all. The internal links give a "true" picture on "True Enforcement."


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