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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Not War, But Not Peace

I'm in a dreadful hurry this morning, unfortunately, but I wanted to point out that we in the U.S. haven't been at war since WWII.

We've been at conflict, but we haven't been at war.

That's so because ever since our misguided association with the United Collectivist Nations, we have been involved with many armed conflicts, using the same human beings, the same weaponry, the same support services, BUT! we have NOT had the same legal standing.

A declaration of war involves certain legal responsibilities, the most important of which is to WIN. In all the conflicts since WWII, political games, not victory, have run the show. Under a state of non-declared armed conflict, we find ourselves blowing in the wind, bending to this poll or that, open to what amounts to treasonous efforts to bring us to our knees, and to tie the hands of our military behind their back.

The next time we decide to enter into armed conflict, we'd better damned well make sure that we declare war. If it's worth risking our citizens and our resources on, it's worth making every effort to be sure that the price we pay for their sacrifice is the only acceptable one--victory.

Gotta go.


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