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Friday, December 02, 2005

Gulf Drug Cartel Does Homemade Reality TV

A rare look inside the Gulf Cartel and the everyday brutality of its enforcers has appeared in the Dallas Morning News [“Video offers brutal glimpse of drug cartel”].

It’s a drug-guy snuff film, with plenty of black plastic garbage bags to contain the mess and tote out the debris. There is little doubt about the video’s authenticity, given the ending.

Asked how credible the video is, another law enforcement investigator said: “Credible 100 percent. A guy gets his brains blown. You can’t make that [expletive] up.”

The three other men shown initially are assumed to have received the same treatment. Authorities on both sides of the border have not determined where the shootings took place or who the victims are, other than perhaps some Zeta thugs who lost their enthusiasm for gangstering.

Much of this drug gang intramural activity is to determine which Mexicans will control the gateway to the American illegal substance market, now worth about $30 billion/year.

In the American interior, the Zetas have set up shop in Dallas and elsewhere, where they are doing drug business and all that goes with it [“U.S. officials say Zetas have killed in Texas”].

“We’re seeing an alarming number of incidents involving the same type of violence that’s become all too common in Mexico, right here in Dallas,” said the former Dallas narcotics officer. “We’re seeing execution style murders, burned bodies and outright mayhem. It’s like the battles being waged in Mexico for turf have reached Dallas.”
It sounds like the Mexican-Dixon line is moving north, along with plenty of diversity for all.

Sorry, I can't help myself. Readers of the blog know that I rant and rave and become peevish when confronted with concept of foreign criminals rampaging throughout the United States. (As if we don't have enough criminal activity from the native born.) Yes, I am disturbed by unfettered immigration and unsupervised aliens. I wonder about YOU, if you aren't.
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  • At Fri Dec 02, 12:27:00 PM PST, Blogger gandalf said…


    We have the same problems in the UK, hoards of illegal and legal immigrants practicing crimminal activities,

    The uk never used to have people traffickers, albanian mafia, kidnappings and the amount of drugs on the street is unbelievable.

    The crime rate has soared since our borders became open to all (thanks to Blair)

    Yes the UK had villains but now
    we are importing everybody elses.

    Albania and Kosovo are two countries whos economy was crime based, they have transferred thier economy to the UK

  • At Fri Dec 02, 08:46:00 PM PST, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    Criminals who are illegal aliens are clogging the court system in CA--and probably elsewhere. Oftentimes, other cases cannot be heard.

    I've heard that serious car accidents caused by illegals have become a problem in border states. When an injury, sometimes a permanent and debilitating one, is sustained by an American in such an accident, that American is up the creek as far as compensation goes. I personally know of such accidents happening in both CA and in TX.

    Another problem created by illegals and one that doesn't get much publicity.

    And, as mentioned here, the drug-trafficking is having serious effects in many states, including mine--Virginia. With the hordes of immigrants, we now have an incredible problem. I don't go to a convenience store after dark any more.


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