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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Denying the Holocaust: Prelude to a Holocaust

Why did we let Iran get this far? Jimmy Carter and the succession of presidential administrations to the present defaulted in the extreme by letting Iran become the threat it has. Iran is the foremost state sponsor of terrorism and has been responsible for huge numbers of American deaths, while we have done nothing about it. We are recapitulating the 1930s and the rise of Hitler and Nazism.

Last year, Iran held a Hugo Chavez style "election" and "elected" as president Mohamed Ahmadinejad. This man has been the perfect foil for the mullahs, who are drunk on Nazi-like power. Ahmadinejad has made a number of outrageous statements, and all have received tepid responses from the West. Thus, in his eyes and in the eyes of the mullahs, each outrageous statement has met with success [Islamic Persians and Islamic Arabs think very much alike, because of Islam]. Each success contributes to his sense of invulnerability.

One statement he has made is so bad that Ahmadinejad has, in principle, invited war on Iran from the West. A Saudi intellectual stooge, Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Sindi, who has walked freely about the U. S. while being paid by U. S. universities expressed his support of Ahmadinejad's statement in an interview with an Iranian press agency, recently reported by MEMRI. Sindi's importance is that solely as a vehicle for conveying Ahmadinejad's proclamation:

Interviewer: "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that he thinks that the Holocaust is a myth. However, he also said some European countries insist that millions of innocent Jews were killed during World War II by Hitler, and asked why the Europeans don't give part of their land to the Jews if they are correct. What is your view?"

Dr. Sindi: "I agree wholeheartedly with President Ahmadinejad. There was no such a thing as the 'holocaust.' The so-called 'holocaust' is nothing but Jewish/Zionist propaganda. There is no proof whatsoever that any living Jew was ever gassed or burned in Nazi Germany or in any of the territories that Nazi Germany occupied during World War II. The holocaust propaganda was started by the Zionist Jews in order to acquire worldwide sympathy for the creation of Israel after World War II.

Recently on a television news interview, noted historian Victor Davis Hanson pointed out that those who deny the Holocaust should be watched very carefully for their intentions to set up a holocaust of their own.

"Jew hatred" was institutionalized into Islam by Muhammad, and it has been an Islamic staple since, whether Sunni, Shia, or Sufi. "Jew hatred" serves as the means of focusing rage and destruction, which permeate and dominate the contents of the Islamic psyche. There is nothing rational about hating the Jews, but, of course, rationality has never been allowed to examine "Jew hatred." Hitler and the Nazis explicitly refused to allow rationality to interfere with their feelings. "Thinking" with their "will, blood, and Volk," they wallowed in unexamined emotion. So do Islamists, for the same reasons and purposes.

It is worth our while to see what a Nazi had to say about what they were doing to Jews in Germany and Poland, before the "final solution." All the while, we must keep context about Ahmadinejad's blatant dismissal of the Holocaust as historical fact. We also need to recall that "Holocaust" covers much more than the death camps from their beginning in 1942 to their end in 1945. A Felix Landau wrote a diary in 1941 while he was serving voluntarily with the Einsatzkommando. Two quotes set the flavor of the mind-set:

2 July 1941: "Shortly after our arrival [at Lernberg] the first Jews were shot by us. As usual a few of the new officers became megalomaniacs, they really enter into the role whole-heartedly."

3 July 1941: He was ordered to get ready "...with steel helmets, carbines, thirty rounds of ammunition. We have just come back. Five hundred Jews were lined up ready to be shot... I have little inclination to shoot defenceless persons--even if they are only Jews. I would far rather [sic] good honest combat."

(Emphasis mine.)

This is not all. We are merely beginning. Read the next entry in the context of Holocaust denial and what that means about someone who denies it.

On 5 July 1941, a Wehrmacht guard had been found shot dead. Naturally, the Nazis assumed that the Jews were responsible. Poles and Jews were massacred in wholesale lots. However, more happened in town that evening:

"There were hundreds of Jews walking along the street with blood pouring down their faces, holes in their heads, their hands broken and their eyes hanging out of their sockets. There were covered in blood... We went to the citadel; there we saw things that few people have ever seen. At the entrance of the citadel there were soldiers standing guard. They were holding clubs as thick as a man's wrist and were lashing out and hitting anyone who crossed their path. The Jews were pouring out of the entrance. There were rows of Jews lying one on top of the other like pigs whimpering horribly. The Jews kept streaming out of the citadel completely covered in blood. We stopped and tried to see who was in charge of the Kommando. 'Nobody'. Someone had let the Jews go. They were just being hit out of rage and hatred. Nothing against that--only they should not let the Jews walk about in such a state."

[Quotes exactly as written in my source: Haste, Cate: Nazi Women; Pan Macmillan Ltd., London; 2001; ISBN 0-752-21575-2; pages 167 and 168.]

(Emphasis mine.)

Throughout Islamia, Jews are regarded like this, whether Sunni, Shia, or Sufi. Historical, this is how Islam has dealt with Jews, this and much worse. Ahmadinejad's desire to wipe Israel off the map means the foregoing taken to the 10th power.

The hatred will not stop with Israel and the Jews. Given half a chance, this is what Islam will impose on us. Remember: There may be some "moderate" Muslims, but there is NO "moderate" Islam.


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