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Monday, January 16, 2006

IRAN: Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat

It is most unsettling to hear numerous Washington pundits state that no one in our government has any plan for dealing with Iran or knowing what to do. That we are in a war of ideas, Islam (and its variants) versus capitalism, escapes those who should know better. Iran is thoroughly aware of it and is miles ahead of us in waging such a war.

The danger from Iran comes from it being an Islamic theocracy, from its being the number terrorism sponsoring state, and from its development of fissionable materials. A "democratic election," carefully engineered by the Mullahs, put into power a potential Hitler for a president. Like Hitler, he is apocalyptic and mystical (see the very good article by Daniel Pipes, "The Mystical Menace of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad"). In fact, he is the Mullahs' trigger man, deranged enough by Shiite Islam to think he could become the fabled Mahdi, returning to earth to rule it all.

Jaw-boning seems to be the way Iran is being handled right now, and Iran is reacting exactly as did Nazi Germany in the latter 1930s to all of the European and North American Neville Chamberlains of "speak softly but carry a big carrot." The BIG THREAT boils down to referring Iran's nuclear thumbing of its nose at the world to the U. N. Security Council. They might issue a stern letter of disapproval to Iran. Or, they might not. Talk of impotence! Even though Europe can be reached with Iran's nuclear-tipped missles right now, Europe continues to wallow in cowardice and any unwillingness to act on behalf of its survival. Even Jack Straw, England's equivalence of secretary of defense, has recently publicly rejected any military option. Iran was listening, Jack. Get it?

What are our national options? Are we faced with either military action initiated by us or joining the impotence of the U. N. and Europe? The answer is NO. We have an option we have not used, and we have the example of Iraq to show us what not to do.

First, let's see the what-not-to-do option from Iraq.

While we were "pacifying" Iraq at great expense of military personnel, dollars, and materiel, Iran was creating MANY radio and television stations beaming its philosophy into Iraq. We had one or two newspapers, perhaps, fewer than three radio stations, and no television until more than a year after Saddam. During this time, Iran beamed in dozens of radio and television stations carrying its message. After long delay, we finally created Al-Hurra (the free one) to televise truthful news to Iraq. We were not and are not competing in the arena of ideas.

Cutting to the basics, we need to wage total war with ideas against Iran. Experts like Michael Ledeen make it clear than ordinary Iranians are very pro-American and very anti-Mullocracy. All the Iranians need is the clear sense that we stand behind them, morally and materially.

Here are some suggestions for getting started.

  • The U. S. should publicly come out with a policy statement advocating overthrow of the Iranian mullocracy and state publicly that we will do everything possible to support Iranians overthrowing their regime. Standby for protests, from Iran, Europe, Democrats, and U.N. but ignore them.
  • The U. S. should pledge cash and materiel to Iranian rebels, including setting up or furthering all covert activities of espionage and sabotage against the mullocracy.
  • The U. S. should establish elaborate covert communications and supply routes and mechanisms to Iran from Iraq and Afghanistan. If spy satellites need to be increased as well as communication satellites, putting them over Iran will be money well spent.
  • The U. S. should establish large numbers of radio stations (a.m., f.m., and short-wave) as well as satellite television stations devoted to broadcasting everything from direct propaganda to directions for doing all sorts of things in support of overthrown. All forms of media should be exploited fully.
  • The U. S. should ensure maximum internet capability and websites for Iranian rebels.
  • The U. S. should smuggle into Iran all sorts of books and other printed material, on all sorts of media, extolling individual rights, freedom, and capitalism.
  • The U. S. should not waive in its commitment to causing and supporting overthrow of the mullocracy.

No one can fight bad ideas with no ideas. We did that in Iraq, and it cost us dearly. We must take a moral stand for the right, and public declaration of intent against Iran begins this process.

Ideas count. Actions directed by proper ideas are effective. Results will not be instantaneous or rapid, but we can effect regime change in Iran without losing American lives or engaging in direct military action. And, with the proper ideas, Iranian regime change can result in long-lasting positive change.

This has not been tried. Let's "git-r-done."


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