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Saturday, February 04, 2006

America's Other War

While fighting the "War on Terror," most Americans are unaware that there's another war going: the war to regain territory, or "stolen land," lost 160 years ago in the Mexican-American War.

There are about twelve million undocumented, or illegal migrants in the United States. The majority are from Mexico. Many that have come to work are remiting home millions of dollars every year. Are such workers harmful or beneficial to America? The debate is raging.

Some believe that, over time, demographics created by anchor babies born to these migrants, will give groups with the 'return to Mexico' mentality, the right to break the links between Washington and the Western part of the United States. Isn't this how Texas broke away from Mexico, and going back into history, isn't this how the Danes overtook parts of England? The point is that the precedent has already been set and one wonders why the hemorrhage from the south has been allowed in the first place?

Read a first-hand account of one American that has to deal with the surliness of migrants who refuse to give up the past.

This reminds one of the interminable whining done about the Crusades that occurred over one thousand years ago. Middle Easterners treat that series of wars as recent history. In fact, by some, the present Jihad is characterized as a continuation of those wars.

The Europeans are learning this lesson the hard way from their "invited guest workers." Their complaint is the same: parts of Europe were once Muslim lands. Today we find our whiney workers throughout the United States with greatest concentration in the American Southwest and California where Spanish has become the first language. Is this accident or has this been the plan all along? At this rate, you all better learn to speak Spanish!


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