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Monday, January 30, 2006

Judge Cashman, Vermont, and "Restorative Justice"

Probably most people know that Judge Cashman changed the original sentence of 60 days in jail for the man who raped the same little girl for four years straight to "three years to ten years." He did this Friday, 27 January 2006, when he heard the petition of the prosecution for greater sentencing. The spin doctors, including Cashman, tried to make it seem that changed conditions for "treatment" (of an untreatable entity) while the convict is incarcerated is what made all the difference in the world.

Do not believe a word of it.

What made the difference was the rising outrage among good citizens of Vermont, joined by good citizens of America, and good citizens of a number of countries. The "bench" is not impervious to this kind of pressure, and we must never forget it. We can do a great deal to improve our society, but WE must do it--it cannot be delegated to triflers like those in government.

The corrupt political and judicial structure of Vermont has run for cover, but they have made NO changes to improve this situation. They are circling the wagons around Judge Cashman, from the governor, Speaker of the House, to Cashman's judicial superior.

Something new, and very sinister, emerged about the time of the Cashman re-hearing, and we must become very alert to this.

Judge Cashman has become a "true believer" of another Leftist scam called "restorative justice." Despite all the spin and smoke blowing on the various websites about "restorative justice," its real meaning is something we must battle to its death. It is an exceedingly immoral and destructive movement, and is clearly a product of postmodernist philosophy tormenting our culture these days.

The influence of "restorative justice" comes significantly from the funding of billionaire Leftist George Soros and his Open Society Institute. What is "restorative justice"? Judge Cashman, who teaches this stuff, summed it up when he proclaimed that he no longer believes in punishment.

In short, it is the "he had a bad childhood syndrome" taken to its logical conclusion. Thus, someone should not be punished for crime. He should be "understood," and coddled, for he could help it not: You know the drill, There but for the grace of God... The perpetrator is the real victim and must be "treated."

Now, here is where injustice gets raised in order to obliterate justice. The victim, the object of the crime, is given equal footing and prioritization with the perpetrator--Each, in short, is of EQUAL VALUE.

Let that soak in.

"Restorative justice" is an anti-concept meant to be used to wipe out the concept of justice. We must get very familiar with it and stomp it out.

One last point for now. Vermont and Minnesota are THE bastions of "restorative justice" in the USA. That it is wide-spread in Canada, UK, etc., should not surprise you.

If "restorative justice" seems opaque to you, think of it this way: Someone breaks into your home, kills your spouse and children, robs you of all, and brutalizes you into permanent disability. The perpetrator goes before a "restorative justice" judge who ignores you and the crime totally but gives the perpetrator a sentence of 6 months in a treatment facility and gives you the bill!


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