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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Just Say "No" to DPW Forty-five Days From Now

Lemme see: the White House is announcing that Dubai Ports World is requesting a 45-day delay in the purchase of the contract to operate some of our most important ports.

Here's surely what happened: "Hey, DPW, I'm catchin' hell over here; you guys gotta help me out - you request a delay, and it'll all blow over. You know what short attention spans they have. . . and then we can go ahead, no problem! "

Then all will be peaceful and quiet, and we'll relax for a few years, maybe two, five, seven. . . then some guys in a Dubai Ports World uniform will sidle up and, just as happens with terrorists disguised as police, military, and ambulance workers in Iraq, or oil refinery people in Saudi Arabia, our ports will go "boom."


1) No points of entry into the United States should ever be under any sort of control of a foreign government.

2) Dubai Ports World is a government-owned company, and a de facto branch of the government of Dubai.

3) Dubai is a Muslim nation, holding the very same notions as the rest of the Islamic world - conquer the infidel, convert this into a Muslim planet. That is their "prime directive," and ultimately, everything they do follows that directive.

4) Of necessity, port management must interface with the people responsible for security - it not only stands to reason, but it was explicitly stated when Michael Moore (no joke), a senior vice president of DPW, was specifically asked whether DPW would have to be familiar with security measures in the ports. "Of course!" was his immediate answer.



  • At Sun Feb 26, 03:21:00 PM PST, Blogger Eleanor © said…

    Cubed - I agree. Not only is Dubai Ports World a government-owned company, it is also the property of a famly or a small network of families. As an example, this would be the equivalent of putting the British Royal Family and the upper nobility plus very wealthy British industrialists right in the middle of more than 22 American ports.

    No one has mentioned the British company selling to Dubai. Who owns the company and what about the make up of the board of directors? The answers could be very interesting.

    The "country" of Dubai, really a kingdom, has done very well for itself in the past few decades. Diversificastion of oil wealth has allowed a small number of people to become extreme wealthy, with fingers in many pies all over the world. This is scary.

    One can't think of the Middle East and Islam as nationalities in the same context that we view the nations of the West. Lines were drawn on the map by the British for the purpose of dividing and subduing. Actually clan and tribal loyalties cross over borders and anyone with half a brain understands the concept of the Ummah Islamyia, the international brotherhood of Muslims.

    Dubai is Muslim family concern that is called a country. They are internationalists of the Islamic style. Western businessmen that think of themselves as internationalists, naively are making a pact with the devil that will devour us all.

  • At Sun Feb 26, 03:56:00 PM PST, Blogger Cubed © said…

    Great points, Eleanor - I especially like the one about the British company that is selling to Dubai. Who's involved with that company? After all, many British "interests" have been heavily invested in- up to the point of ownership - by Muslims.

    Your point about Dubai as a "family concern" is also well taken - as is your point about "making a pact with the devil that will devour us all."

    Just how dumb does the administration think we are?


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