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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Muslims Create Islamophobes, Then Want Islamophobes Punished

Don't you agree that nothing about Muslims makes sense?

Last Saturday’s riots in Antwerp, when Moroccan “youths” went on the rampage in Antwerp’s historical center, destroying cars and beating up reporters, has led to frustration among police officers because the authorities prevented them from stopping the violence. Officers complained in today’s papers that they had been given orders to watch passively while young, rowdy Muslims were allowed to take revenge over... drawings published more than four months ago in a Danish newspaper.

“We had to watch how they were ripping off car mirrors. We wanted to stop this vandalism but were ordered to withdraw,” an anonymous policeman says in today’s Flemish daily De Standaard. “An ambulance was told to switch off its siren because that might provoke the Moroccans.” Another anonymous officer told the press: “There you are watching this, while citizens can see that you are powerless.” According to an anonymous police chief the authorities decided, that “it was better to have a few cars vandalized than risk open war in the streets.” On Monday the city council, led by the Socialist mayor Patrick Janssens, decided that the city would compensate the damage to cars and property.

One of the victims of the violence was Fatima Bali, a city councillor of Moroccan origin. She was on a tram last Saturday evening around 6 pm, when the vehicle was attacked. “It was very frightening,” she said. “Stones were thrown at the tram. Passengers tried to hide under the seats. Everyone panicked. Windows were shattered, a stone hit a passenger’s head – a Moroccan by the way. I hope I will never have to go through something like that again.” As a result of their experience the non-Muslims on the tram, as well as the citizens who watched the police stand by while their cars were damaged, have probably all turned “Islamophobe” now. “Islamophobes”, however, soon risk being put in jail.

Today some 200 Islamic religious leaders demonstrated in Brussels’ European district. It was a peaceful demonstration, but the Muslims want Europe to adopt the religious taboos of Islam. They handed a letter to a representative of the European Commission condemning “the blasphemy and humiliation” caused by the Danish cartoons, demanding that the EU introduce legislation against “hatred and islamophobia” and that it ban “blasphemy and the showing of disrespect for all religions and their prophets” because “every excessive form of free speech stigmatizes people.”

After their meeting with the representative of the Commission the Muslim delegation was received by the Danish ambassador, Karsten Petersen. “He thanked us for our moderation that invites dialogue and calm,” said imam Said Dakkar, the chairman of the Union of Brussels Mosques. “We have told him that we disapprove of violent demonstrations,” imam Said Mdaoucki of the Antwerp Mosque Federation added, “but we want to know how far freedom of speech is allowed to go. Can you ridicule someone’s values and beliefs? Is that freedom of speech?”

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What in the hell is an Islamophobe anyway?

A phobia is an unnatural fear of something or someone. Naturally, one should fear rampaging youths that go through cities, burning and brutalizing. One should fear rampaging adults brandishing weapons, threatening to decapitate, shoot, or blow me up or blow up others for merely having the temerity to offer a divergent opinion, or to give examples of why I have that opinion. One should fear these same people for wanting to kill me to stifle my speech, my expression in art, my dress, my thoughts, words, and deeds. My thoughts, words and deeds are called provocative because they are provoked. My attempts to point out that their inappropriate words and behaviors are called: racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic.

What are they if not provoking? I wrote words or made a drawing. They blew up buildings, burned cars, created mayhem, murdered and maimed because they were "provoked." My response: more words.

What I did not do: I did not go to my Muslim neighbor's house to create mayhem or murder. I did not go down the road a few miles to the local Muslim center or to the mosque to shout at, threaten, maim, or kill. If I am an Islamophobe, one that is "afraid of Muslims," let it be known that they have created me, rather than the other way around. Do I have much to "fear"? You bet!!!


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