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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Watch Out World! With Muslims, All It Takes Is 3% (or Less in the Case of Norway)

Cartoon rage has resulted in worldwide murderous mayhem. The incidents were triggered by an obscure newspaper in a small European country with a Muslim population of only 3%. How can an immigrant 3% minority impose its will of the other 97% of the population? By appealing to their co-religionists to strike at will all over the world.

Although they hold Danish citizenship, the 3% are Muslims that see Denmark as just another patch of earth separated from other patches of earth by man-made boundaries that should and will be swept away with the triumph of Islam. In other words, country loyalty matters not. Loyalty is given to the Ummah Ismalayia, the worldwide fellowship of Muslims, rather than to the country in which they were either born or to which they have sworn a citizenship oath. And of course, there are those that are just there, using the services provided by taxpayers without any pretense of loyalty.

At 10%, French Muslims didn't need to ask for help from the world-wide brotherhood as "youths," a euphemism for young Muslim men, rampaged throughout France, burning thousands of cars, creating mayhem, physical pain and death to other Frenchmen.

As Muslim populations grow, they begin to feel the need to provide their children with a "more-Muslim environment." This means voluntarily separating themselves returning to ways and mores that are in conflict with those of the West and eventually demanding that the Western majority change to accommodate and then mirror their values. In a stunning victory for Muslims, Norway reinforces blasphemy laws after calls from the country's 73,500 Muslims, or 1.6%.

Sweden's 4% population has forced whole cities to become Muslim, such as the city of Malmo,another example of where Muslims have set themselves apart and where Muslim law, or Sharia, rather than Swedish laws, are in effect.

People speak of the threat of terrorism and extremism. Yes, the threat of violence is a concern, but a greater concern is that which we see happening on the continent of Europe and in other parts of the world where "moderate" Muslim colonists move in and impose their cultural values on the mainstream population, sometimes through agitation, as if France's recent riots, and through the effect of world-wide Cartoon rage on Denmark and now other countries where blasphemy and hate-speech laws are now on the books or in the works.

With only 3.5% of the total Western European population and 0.5% of Eastern Europe's, Muslims have exerted an inordinate amount of pressure and have created more clout than their numbers actually deserve. Astutely they have used used a combination of measures to get their way: political pressure, a good measure of Western guilt for past sins of colonialism, along with the ever-present threat of violence IF impudent Westerns don't give them their way.

As the pen is mightier than the sword, cultural pressure, then, is more powerful and more effective than bullets and suicide bombers. The answer is to de-Islamize Western Muslims or return them to Muslim lands.


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