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Monday, February 06, 2006

Trusting Muslims: Editors arrested over cartoons

Over the weekend, we received an email excoriating our website 6th Column Against Jihad for tarring all Muslims with the same brush. According to the email author, many Muslims are "moderate" and are decent people, as is Islam--while many Christians are stuck up, exclusionary snobs in a not-so-holy religion. The writer asserted that Islam has many commendable aspects, and good Muslims (our words) should not be lumped together with the extremists.

How about King Abdullah of Jordan?

He is very intelligent, British educated, speaks flawless English, and is fully at home in western countries. He and his queen are considered the most civilized and sophisticated leaders in all of Islamia. Surely they are to be fully trusted and not to be lumped with or tarred with the Islamic extremists. Right?

Read this (excerpted):

Editors arrested over cartoons - World Breaking News - Breaking News 24/7 -

From: Agence France-Presse

TWO Jordanian tabloid editors have been arrested after their newspapers published controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Al-Mehwar [the newspaper] reprinted them on January 26 to accompany an article on widespread condemnation of the sketches. It claimed to be the "first Arab newspaper to have alerted the Arab world to these cartoons, discovered on the internet".

Jordan's King Abdullah II said yesterday that insulting the Prophet Mohammed was "a crime that cannot be justified under the pretext of freedom of expression". His words were seen by security forces as a signal to take action against the newspapers.

(Emphasis ours)

Why are we reticent when it comes to "trusting" Muslims? Well, the only thing we can truly trust about Muslims is that, sooner or later, they act like Muslims. There is an old saying in America: You can take the boy out of the country, but you cannot take the country out of the boy. Thus, we never know when any Muslim, however "moderate" or sophisticated or educated, etc., will revert to Islamic savagery. We offer as evidence King Abdullah of Jordan.


  • At Tue Feb 07, 05:03:00 AM PST, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    I saw that comment over at JW, and thought, "There's some nonsense." I don't see a stampede of moderates coming along to stop this cartoon furor.

    And, of course, you're right, GM. King Abdullah, oft cited as an enlightened Muslim, would not support free speech over the prophet. And why is that? Because the leader of a cult can never be denigrated.

    Following Islam is following a Stone Age mentality. Until the world sees that reality, all of what we hold dear is on the line.

  • At Tue Feb 07, 08:02:00 AM PST, Blogger George Mason said…


    I have had all of Islam, Islamism, Islamists, etc., that I can peacefully tolerate. I am tired of these Stone Agers, as you put it so well, acting up like brats in order to get undeserved attention. I am tired of their physical threats and tenth rate mentalities in our faces and trying to interfere with our lives. I have reached the point where I think nothing too bad can happen to any of them anywhere, and I think I am not alone.


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