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Monday, February 13, 2006

Proposal: Put Our Port Security in the Hands of Muslims

All right, people, that's it! First it's the Panama Canal in the hands of the Chinese, then our borders actively left open to illegals, and now its our ports! It is actually being proposed that the responsibility for our PORT SECURITY BE OUTSOURCED TO MUSLIMS! A company in Dubai has bid for the job, and is being seriously considered!

I'm not making this up--it's a proposal that's really in the pipeline! I'm going to try to find exactly whose brilliant idea that was, but if anyone finds out first, PLEASE let the rest of us know right away!

Paul Sperry was right! In "Infiltration" he pointed out that Islam has infiltrated the highest levels of government!

Write the President! Write every member of Congress! And go to one of my favorite blogs ( for the sorts of things any of us can to to increase awareness of the PROBLEM!

Am I having a hissy fit? No, I'm having a SIX-DOLLAR-MARRYIN'-SAM TEMPER TANTRUM!


  • At Mon Feb 13, 04:50:00 PM PST, Anonymous thetruthteller said…

    I think you mean The Truth Project. Right?

    Don't feel bad, Cubed. It's an easy mistake to make as "The Truth Teller" is listed as the blogmaster at The Truth Project.

    Now, about the subject of this posting....The idea of UAE's overseeing any of our ports is downright insane. We need to hop to it and object to this happening. Indeed, allowing any Muslim nation to become entwined with our national security is the most serious of mistakes.


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