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Monday, March 20, 2006

Britain Oblivious to Old Adage "Be careful what you wish for"

Larry The Cable Guy would have to say about this (excerpted) story, "Now, that's funny--I don't care who you are."

Britain Aims to Become Europe's Most 'Islam-Friendly' Economy
By Kevin McCandless Correspondent
March 20, 2006

London ( - As more and more British banks offer special services to Muslims, the government says its wants to make the United Kingdom the most Islam-friendly economy in Europe. [Part of Blair's new "Giving-Britain-Away-as-a-Tax-Deductible-Donation" program. Or, as Churchill did not say, Making Britain safe for everybody but Britons.]

Treasury officials said they wanted to create a "level playing field" for banks selling financial products that comply with Islamic law (shari'a.) [Muslims will indeed level them out, more like crushing those whom they do not behead.]

In addition to providing for the 1.8 million Muslims who live in Britain, Treasury spokesman Tom Youldon said the government would continue to promote the country as a center of Islamic finance for Muslims based abroad. [What do they think Islamists will do with England when they acquire it?]

"In Islam, there's a saying that in matters of [business] dealings, everything is possible - unless it's prohibited," he said. [Oh, my, that is sooooo funny--except that it isn't.]

(Emphases and notes in [] ours)

We would have to place this British behavior in the "come-and-get-it" category. And, Britain, they surely will.

Here is an illustration for the story from our files:

Looking for The Road to Dhimmidom


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